Netflix is a global platform for movie and TV streaming. It launched as a subscription-based streaming site in 2007, and offers new movies and TV shows every month. In 2013, Netflix debuted it first original programming.

Netflix’s ‘Maria’ is a trigger-happy B-movie
The streaming import is a slapdash revenge thriller that occasionally overcomes its shortcomings to hit high notes.
‘Jailbirds’ prioritizes petty drama over insight
The reality show sinks under its own vapidity.
‘ReMastered: The Lion’s Share’ looks at the thorny history of a ubiquitous pop song
You've heard 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight.' But you probably haven't heard its whole story.
‘See You Yesterday’ lets teens fight police brutality with time travel
The new Netflix teen movie is a moving, funny, and original exploration of police brutality.
‘Nailed It!’ season 3 reminds us that failure is part of the journey
The baking competition maintains its good-natured sense of humor.
The CW won’t be renewing its Netflix deal
'Batwoman,' 'Katy Keene,' and 'Nancy Drew' could land elsewhere.
‘Good Sam’ is a heartwarming mystery about selfless generosity
The Netflix film gets hopeful and existential.
Netflix might be losing its most popular shows thanks to new streaming service
'Friends,' 'Seinfeld,' and more will end up on a new streaming service.
Every installment of Netflix’s ‘ReMastered,’ ranked
The music documentary series explores the lives and careers of several legendary artists.
In ‘The Society,’ Gen Z takes a stab at self-governing
Netflix offers a modern take on 'Lord of the Flies.'
Hilary Swank will go to space in Netflix series ‘Away’
The series is loosely based on astronaut Scott Kelly's mission.
‘Wine Country’ is a sobering comedy about middle age
The 'SNL' reunion has all the right players. It just doesn't know what to do with them.
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