Netflix is a global platform for movie and TV streaming. It launched as a subscription-based streaming site in 2007, and offers new movies and TV shows every month. In 2013, Netflix debuted it first original programming.

Ken Jeong falls back on crude humor and lazy stereotypes in ‘You Complete Me, Ho’
The comedian is stuck in 'Hangover' mode on his Netflix standup special.
Netflix cancels ‘Jessica Jones’ and ‘The Punisher’
Marvel's Defenders franchise is officially over.
The best new TV shows to stream this weekend
Superhero shows? True crime docs? Sci-fi comedies? We've got you covered.
‘The Breaker Upperers’ is a quirky rom-com about friendship
The Netflix film is for fans of 'Broad City' and 'Jane + Mary.'
How Netflix’s ‘Umbrella Academy’ found its eye-popping style
With distinctive styles for its cast of misfit superheroes, the costumes deserve a closer look.
Netflix claims subscribers have the same 6 shows in common
The streaming giant tries its own six degrees of Kevin Bacon experiment.
Kevin Hart goes educational in ‘Guide to Black History’
Hart's new special presents Black history with a palatable vocabulary for children.
Tokimeki Unfollow is an app for decluttering your overwhelming Twitter feed
Seeing tweets that don’t spark joy? Give them the Marie Kondo treatment.
‘Dating Around’ lets us observe other people’s tedious first dates
Netflix's first reality dating series sets up six singles on blind dates.
Report: Netflix pays $10 million for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez doc
The rock star politician is coming to a screen near you.
How to watch Netflix on a Raspberry Pi
Here's everything you need to know.
‘ReMastered: The Two Killings of Sam Cooke’ returns dignity to the soul legend
'ReMastered: The Two Killings of Sam Cooke' tells the larger story of Sam Cooke, away from the controversial details of his sordid death.
Netflix’s ‘Dragon Prince’ expands its fantasy world in season 2
'The Dragon Prince' picks up the pace with more dragons and new magical kingdoms in season 2.
15 underrated movies on Netflix you need to see
Netflix has a great selection of under-the-radar movies.
‘Always a Witch’ can’t shake the weight of the problematic love story at its core
Netflix's new show initially excited fans but quickly became controversial.
Untangling the wild ending of Netflix’s ‘Russian Doll’
Sure, it's about time loops. But is it also about Tompkins Square Park?
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