Netflix is a global platform for movie and TV streaming. It launched as a subscription-based streaming site in 2007, and offers new movies and TV shows every month. In 2013, Netflix debuted it first original programming.

Netflix’s new original anime ‘Aggretsuko’ is ‘it me’ TV
Sanrio's relatable millennial character has her own show.
Netflix’s subscriber boom continues as it heads toward $150 billion market value
The company addressed Cannes and 'The Cloverfield Paradox' in a letter to shareholders.
Natasha Leggero and Moshe Kasher survive marriage in ‘The Honeymoon Stand Up Special’
The comedians find a perfect union in the Netflix special.
Netflix reboot ‘Lost in Space’ is a missed opportunity
The shiny series should have been a can't-miss hit. What went wrong?
‘Pickpockets’ is a high-stakes Colombian action flick
It sticks closely to the crime-action formula, but the Netflix film's exuberant performances make up for a lack of originality.
Why fans just can’t get enough of the hit anime ‘Little Witch Academia’
Let 'Little Witch Academia' cast a spell on you.
‘Orbiter 9’ has big ideas but settles for cliches
The Spanish science fiction flick is another misfire for Netflix.
Evangelical biopic ‘Come Sunday’ chronicles bishop Carlton Pearson’s radical shift in faith
What happens when one's own relationship with God clashes with the rigid teachings of religion?
Netflix content chief says it’s not going to Cannes
'If Cannes is choosing to be stuck in the history of cinema, that’s fine.'
‘Ram Dass, Going Home’ is a meditation from a spiritual leader at life’s final stage
In the Netflix doc, the iconic thinker prepares for the end.
‘Amateur’ gets boxed out by cliches
In exploring the seedy industry of American basketball, the Netflix film becomes 'Blue Chips' for the age of viral dunks.
Timothée Chalamet causes tweetstorm after snarky gas station joke
The young actor had the perfect response to John Mulaney's joke.
‘Stranger Things’ fans will get to visit the ‘Upside Down’ IRL soon
Grab your Eggos and your best pals—'Stranger Things' is coming to Universal Studios.
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