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‘Pathetic regardless’ of history: Anti-woke crusaders furious Netflix’s new Alexander the Great show includes love scene with man

'Don’t think it was Netflix that made him gay.'


Katherine Huggins


Posted on Feb 6, 2024   Updated on Feb 6, 2024, 11:19 am CST

A new Netflix docuseries detailing Alexander the Great’s rise to power in Macedonia is being criticized by conservatives online for its depiction of his sexuality.

“Netflix made a new documentary about Alexander The Great. Within the first 8 minutes, they turned him gay,” the popular right-wing account End Wokeness wrote of the recently released series “Alexander: The Making of a God.”

Many historians have asserted that Alexander the Great had romantic relationships with both women and men, though sexuality was not seen as binary and acts of homosexuality were acceptable among ancient Greeks.

A Community Note under the post similarly states: “It is commonly accept amongst scholars that Alexander not only took part in aromantic sexual relationships with other men but was in fact bisexual and maintained romantic relationships with men and women throughout his life.”

“With historians, all the heroes are gay, everyone was gay,” quipped one user, criticizing the Community Note. “One wonders how the population could increase so much!”

“Make it gay and lame!” replied someone else.

In response to someone agreeing that “there’s a good chance he was at least bisexual because, well, that was kind of the Greek thing to do,” End Wokeness replied “It’s still unproven speculation and should definitely not be shoved into the first 8 minutes.”

The account also hit back at the Community Note posted under it, saying: “Vote not helpful/irrelevant on this Note. Shoving in a gay scene within the first 8 minutes is pathetic regardless of what modern historians are speculating.”

But while there were a few responses in agreement, the comment section is full of mocking posts.

“I don’t think it was Netflix that made him gay,” replied one person.

“Hey man, I’m sorry you had to learn this way,” replied someone else.

“i have bad news about the Greeks…” wrote another user.

Netflix has previously been targeted by anti-woke critics, who have hit at some of its programming choices, including an an episode of the show “CoComelon Lane” that featured a boy in a tutu.

After its post about the series, End Wokeness reposted a meme detailing “if Netflix made a movie about chess today.”

The meme at at the diversity and inclusion Netflix has promoted through its programming, with rainbow rooks, different shades of colors on the chess pieces, and one pawn with a wheelchair.

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*First Published: Feb 6, 2024, 11:18 am CST