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‘Wait this is awesome’: People have discovered a new way to watch ‘Love Is Blind’ that keeps the suitors a mystery until they’re coupled up

A TikTok user is watching the new season of 'Love Is Blind' in a wild way, and it’s kinda genius.


Allie Hayes

Pop Culture

Posted on Feb 18, 2024

Everyone’s favorite reality trainwreck—sorry, I meant, uh, reality showLove is Blind is officially back on Netflix with the highly anticipated sixth season dropping six brand new episodes this past week, appropriately on Valentine’s day.

For those not aware of the show, first of all…how? 

And second of all, Love is Blind is a unique reality dating show where contestants search for love by participating in an “experiment” (seriously, don’t play the “every time someone says ‘experiment’, take a shot” drinking game—you’ll end up dead) wherein they go on truly “blind” dates with people they’ve never seen before.

Basically, the contestants all agree to live in a small community for several weeks separated by their respective gender identities, never once seeing those they are speaking to. The “dates” occur when contestants go into “pods” and have one-on-ones with other contestants via voice-chatting, before narrowing down who they’re interested in down to one person. The twist, however, is that they only get to see the person they are falling in love with once they both agree to get engaged—as in engaged be married.

Yes, really.

The show was a runaway hit for Netflix when it first premiered back in 2020, and—after a shaky fifth season—came back with a bang last week, leaving fans as excited as ever to see all of the glorious mess.

Except, as it turns out, some diehard fans have apparently decided to skip the “seeing” part altogether in an attempt to experience the show’s first few episodes the same way the contestants do: by not seeing them at all.


this was fun! if you havent started this season you should try it! #loveisblind #loveisblindnetflix #watchloveisblindblind

♬ Love Is Blind – Fergie

You see, TikTok user ktsumsion recently shared a video showcasing how they were viewing the program with their friends: by partially covering their TV with a blanket, only revealing the closed captions.

They then remove the blanket to show the engaged couples right as they see each other for the very first time, so those viewing find out what the newly engaged pair look like right when the actual couple does, too.

The comment section of the video was mixed on the idea, with one user commenting, “My bestie and I did this and it honestly made it SO confusing. We had to bring in someone else to tell us who [was] on screen/talking” while another commenter loved the idea, writing, “Love is Blind should be a podcast with one final video episode a season.”

No matter how you like to watch (or not watch!) the show, be sure to catch all the messiness when new episodes drop this Wednesday on Netflix.

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*First Published: Feb 18, 2024, 8:19 pm CST