‘Love is Blind’ fans call for cancelation amid Renee Poche Netflix lawsuit

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‘The contract is a huge red flag’: ‘Love is Blind’ fans call for cancellation amid Renee Poche Netflix lawsuit

'love is blind should’ve stopped at season 1 however we did get brett and tiffany'


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Posted on Jan 22, 2024   Updated on Jan 21, 2024, 9:23 pm CST

“Love is Blind” is a popular Netflix reality show where people try to find love without meeting the person. A woman spilled the details about the lawsuit between “Love is Blind” Season 5 contestant, Renee Poche and Delirium Production Company.

TikTok user Mona Kosar Abdi (@mokoab) is a host for ExtraTV, a celebrity news outlet. In a recent video, she discussed Netflix’s reality show, “Love is Blind.” She says, “Y’all, ‘Love is Blind’ is getting sued again and the lawsuit is wild.” Former contestant, Renee Poche is suing Delirium Production Company to get out of her NDA (non-disclosure agreement). But first, the content creator describes the type of man Poche was going to marry. Carter Wall is a 6’5″ former football player. However, he was allegedly a “homeless drug addict,” who was frequently “stealing on set” and asking people for painkillers.

In addition, Poche claims that he was “emotionally abusive” and violent, and that the show cut most of her and Wall’s scenes because he threatened to take his own life. Due to past remarks Poche made about the show, the production company took legal action first. The show initiated arbitration against Poche for $4 million over her comments about the show, claiming she breached her NDA. However, the contestant isn’t going to give up without a fight. Instead, Porche is suing the company and spilling the tea about her experience. 

According to the lawsuit, Poche alleges, “When they started filming, they took her passport, her driver’s license, her phone, and that she couldn’t leave the hotel room.” Next, the contestant claims that the company lied about how everyone underwent a background check and psych evaluations. Poche describes Wall as a “walking red flag” and the company threatened to sue her if she didn’t participate in the show. 

In addition to the lawsuit, the contestant shares her contract from the show. The content creator revealed how in Poche’s contract, each couple must show up to the altar regardless of who proposed. If they don’t, the contestants owe the company $50,000. Next, the contestants can only initiate divorce until after the season’s final episode airs. But there was an exception: A divorce is permitted only after 11 months from the wedding date. Third, contestants can’t wear their wedding rings until the final episode of the season. 

Moreover, contestants give the company permission to use the footage however they please. “You’re giving them permission to chop and screw the footage any way they like,” Abdi states. It only gets worse. The contestant can’t claim alimony or spousal support; only the wedding gifts. To add insult to injury, the provider will only reimburse the contestant for a divorce mediator if it’s an “uncontested, no-fault divorce.” The final nail in the coffin is, if a contestant gets pregnant at any point of the show, everything falls onto the contestant.


How is this the show that gave us Lauren & Cameron 😭

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The Daily Dot reached out to Abdi via TikTok comment and email; Wall via Instagram direct message; and Netflix, Delirium Production Company, and Poche via email. The video amassed 3.5 million views, and, in the comments, viewers said they believed the show should’ve ended a long time ago.

“the show was made for Lauren and Cameron to find each other. they need to wrap IMMEDIATELY,” one viewer wrote.

“love is blind should’ve stopped at season 1 however we did get brett and tiffany,” a second stated.

Moreover, others shared their thoughts on the contract.

“The contract is a huge red flag,” one user commented.

“The contract makes so much more sense now on why they would suffer just to say no at the alter,” a second remarked.

Poche’s is the third lawsuit against the show. According to the lawsuit obtained by Deadline, Poche felt “like a prisoner” in her hotel room and became “utterly terrified” to be around Wall when she had to spend time with him alone. More information about the lawsuit is available on Deadline’s website.

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*First Published: Jan 22, 2024, 12:00 am CST