The 2016 election will determine who will succeed Barack Obama as president of the United States. Through the primaries and into the general election, a litany of Democratic and Republican candidates have battled it out both online and on the ground. Election day is Tuesday, Nov. 8.

Reality Winner is asking for clemency—will she get it?
Winner believes it is time she is set free.
Hillary Clinton blasts Bernie Sanders, says ‘nobody likes him’
Clinton also attacked the 'culture' around Sanders and his campaign.
Hillary Clinton tweets ‘I Voted for Hillary Clinton’
Hashtag trends as conflict with Iran escalates.
What are the best alternatives to the electoral college?
2020 might have the same problems as 2016.
Mueller calls for focus on Russian interference—so Twitter talks impeachment
It's the first time Mueller has spoken since the investigation launched.
Clinton claps back at Trump with ‘Mean Girls’ reaction GIF over 2020
Clinton ruled out a presidential run in 2020.
U.S. reportedly disrupted Russian troll farm’s internet access during 2018 midterms
The disruption reportedly happened as ballots were cast and tallied.
2016 election stories the ‘Newsroom’ reboot will cover
It will be back, and it will be bad.
Trump, GOP are trolling Clinton with her old campaign slogan
People noticed the similarities to Hillary Clinton's slogan.
Russian trolls supported Green Party candidate to help Trump, report
Jill Stein was a favorite of the Russians.
Cohen’s ‘never been to Prague’ tweet comes back to haunt him (updated)
Trump's former lawyer reportedly had a cell phone ping in Prague in 2016.
Russia used every social media platform to disrupt 2016 election, Senate says
The Senate report is expected to be released later this week.
Report: Paul Manafort met with Julian Assange in 2016
WikiLeaks has denied the report.
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