woman greenscreen tiktok over rejection email caption 'World Market Hello (Candidate's name), My name is blank. I am Talent Acquisition Partner at World Market. I am reaching out to you in Steven's absence. He is currently on vacation. We want to thank you for taking the time to interview with us. We had a pleasure learning more about you, your experience and goals after connecting with the team, the hiring has decided to move forward with another candidate at this time. We would love ...' (l) woman greenscreen tiktok over rejection email caption 'Responding to a rejection email' (c) woman greenscreen tiktok over response caption 'Manager, Organic Social Media and Influencers- World Market Hi Cassandra, I personally wanted to reach out to apologize for the email you received from me in error. Unfortunately, by the time we recieved your application for our Social Media role we had just offered the position to another candidate...' (r)

‘Couldn’t even be bothered to put my name in’: TikToker responds to typo-riddled World Market job rejection email

‘Proofreading is one of the skills I can bring to the team if you decide to move forward with an interview.’

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Donald Trump with 'Special Council' tweet

The worst typos of Donald Trump’s presidency

Their knot very good at spelling.

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Pornhub search misspellings

These are all the ways you horny idiots are misspelling your Pornhub searches

Hey, who wants to watch ‘lebsiam’ porn?

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Peach halves

Trump heads to Israel to promote lasting ‘peach’

At least they’ll never go hungry?

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Hand on keyboard

5 times typos ruined people’s lives

If you’re not careful with your words, you could bring down the stock market—or worse.

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Yahoo Finance’s Twitter account tweeted a racist typo, and the internet went bonkers

The offending tweet stayed up way too long.

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You’ll lose your mind hearing this guy read every Yahoo Answers misspelling of ‘pregnant’

What if I’m bergnat????

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Congratulations to these ‘high shcool’ grads with a stupid typo on their diplomas

Shcool’s out for summer. Shcool’s out forever.

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Donald Trump couldn’t remember his ex-girlfriend’s name

Shade or typo?

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‘Rouge One’ is trending because ‘Star Wars’ fans can’t spell

The typo still makes a movie we’d want to see.

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Only a**holes bother poirnting out typos, accroding to new study

Your part of the problem.

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Easter church banner declares that ‘Chris Is Risen’

Thank the Lard.

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Ryan Seacrest can no longer sell this Blackberry copycat iPhone case

Apple fans should tip their hat to BlackBerry this time.

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CNN mistakes ‘Obama’ for ‘Osama’ in the worst possible way


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‘Hoodish’ comment in team email lands Warriors co-owner in hot water

Peter Guber is now backpedaling frantically.

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