Ben Shapiro

Ben Shapiro goes on tirade demanding Social Security age be raised to 67—which it was in 1983

“Do manual labor at 66 and tell me how you feel.’

On by Katherine Huggins

young woman at desk

‘I get to do my homework, eat, and go on my phone’: Receptionist at retirement home says it’s the ‘easiest job in the world’

‘Imagine chasing someone because they are trying to escape.’

On by Alexandra Samuels

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‘Bust their a**es all their life and this is how they have to spend their last years’: Man criticizes retirement homes in viral video, sparking debate

‘What other options are there? Sit at home completely alone with no one to look after them?’

On by Jack Alban

Man brushing his beard with caption 'Tryin to be an 'adult' I finally signed up for a 401k at my job and they took $863 out my check.. I think tf not. they can gone ahead and cancel that sht' (l) stacks of bills with downward trending arrow and bollinger bands (r)

‘Who’s gonna live long enough to collect?’: Worker says he regrets paying into his 401(k) at job, sparking debate

‘The dollar about to collapse and take everybody retirement out with it anyway.’

On by Braden Bjella

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

People are very relieved that Ruth Bader Ginsburg plans to work another 5 years

Some, however, see this as a window into a broken system.

On by Alex Dalbey


Twitter is mocking this article that says you should have double your salary saved by 35

:looks directly at the camera:

On by David Britton

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Help this dad crowdfund the dorky turtle hat of your dreams

You can finally rock a turtle on your head.

On by Peter Bd

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Uber is helping drivers plan for their retirement while it also plans to put them out of a job

It’s almost thoughtful of them.

On by AJ Dellinger

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Here’s how NFL players and fans reacted to news that Peyton Manning was retiring

Teammates and friends reacted with warmth and praise as Manning prepared to leave after 18 seasons.

On by Kate Conger

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The rise of the creative class is the end of retirement

A ‘creative’ job is no consolation if you’re essentially facing the end of retirement.

On by Nico Lang

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Americans aren’t just putting in longer hours—we’re being forced to work until we die

Brace yourself: You might be about to agree with Donald Trump on something.

On by Matthew Rozsa

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Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced his retirement on YouTube

Reid’s face may be bruised, but he says that’s not why he’s retiring.

On by Kevin Collier

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Jon Stewart announces his ‘Daily Show’ retirement in classic style

‘This show doesn’t deserve an even slightly restless host, and neither do you.’

On by Michelle Jaworski

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Nike jumps on Derek Jeter’s departure with brilliant tribute

Jeter’s final All-Star game is Tuesday, and if the universal affection from Major League Baseball is any indication, it should be an emotive one.

On by Ramon Ramirez

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Mike Rogers, bane of privacy advocates, to retire from Congress

The head of the House Intelligence Committee and a bane to many online privacy activists will host a talk radio show.

On by Kevin Collier

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