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‘The lows are getting lower’: 5 of the worst breakups ever

‘That was a red flag i didn’t know existed.’


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Regardless of how emotionally intelligent and mature you are, even the most amicable breakup is going to bring some pain and turmoil into your life. 

While it’s true that time does heal all wounds, most people have at least one breakup story that made their life feel like it descended from a perfectly tuned orchestra into a chaotic, discordant noise capable of rupturing eardrums. 

During times like these, sometimes all you want to do is share it with strangers on the internet. That’s exactly what the five people we’re about to list did.

Here are five of the craziest TikTok breakups we’ve seen in a while. 

Woman breaks up with boyfriend over toilet paper

Woman breaks up with her boyfriend over toilet paper argument.
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TikTok user Jess Jacobsen (@oohhjesss) shared in a video that she broke up with her boyfriend over a seemingly harmless incident: He wouldn’t bring her toilet paper. 

“I sit down and take a poop, right?” Jacobsen recounts. “I go to wipe. There’s no toilet paper. I’m like, damn, ‘Hey, babe, could you please grab me some toilet paper?’”

But, according to Jacobsen, her boyfriend was adamant about not doing it, stating that he had already warned her the bathroom was out of toilet paper.

After some pleading and back-and-forth, a now desperate Jacobsen started yelling for help from her neighbors, after which her boyfriend finally relented. 

“He finally comes back, slams the door open, and throws a toilet paper at my [expletive] head. I cried. I did and no, that’s actually one of the craziest things anyone’s ever done to me,” Jacobsen concluded. 

This seemingly trivial but telling incident finally lead Jacobsen to end her relationship with her boyfriend. 

Woman breaks up with boyfriend over a tattoo

Woman talking(l+r), Gloved hands tattooing arm(c)
Hryshchyshen Serhii/Shutterstock @creativemillionaire101/Tiktok (Licensed)

TikTok user Hannah Sherman (@creativemillionaire101) shared a video discussing her most recent breakup.

In the clip, she says her now ex-boyfriend tried to “gaslight” her into believing the tattoo of a woman’s face he was getting was actually hers.

What started out as a “religious” tattoo, according to Sherman’s ex-boyfriend, later turned into a complete portrait of a woman who allegedly looked nothing like Sherman. 

“I don’t care if you’re getting an image of me on your body or not. I don’t expect you to. I didn’t ask him to,” Sherman stated.

According to her, this act carries a lot of significance.

“I’m upset because now I have to look at my future husband, or supposed-to-be future husband, who has a random lady on his arm,” she said.

Commenters in her video fully supported Sherman, writing she should’ve ended things long ago.

Her ex broke up with her over the ‘orange peel’ theory 

Dating experts warn your relationship may fail if it doesn’t pass ‘orange peel’ theory
@flaw_liss/TikTok Samir Behlic/ShutterStock (Licensed)

TikToker Ariel (@flaw_liss) recently posted a video with the caption, “orange peel theory was my ex’s final straw,” where she reveals that her ex-partner broke up with her after she brought up the orange peel theory.

If you’re not familiar with the orange peel theory, it’s a challenge that originated on TikTok to allegedly test if your partner genuinely cares about you. The way it works is simple: You ask your significant other to peel an orange for you. If they say yes, it indicates they’re willing to help with small tasks. If they say no, it might be a bad signal for the strength of your relationship.

“My ex-boyfriend said the main reason that he broke up with me is because I brought up the orange peel theory, and he thought it was ridiculous,” says Ariel in her video. “And you know what? I would like someone who wants to peel an orange for me. Really would! Not going to ask you to. I just want to know that you would. Is that too much to ask?”

While some netizens don’t believe in the efficacy of this tests in relationships, one commenter on Ariel’s video said, “I think it’s communication and the small bids for connection rather than seeing it as a ‘test.’ I want someone who cares.”

Ex-couple goes on non-refundable trip together

hand holding glass with boat in water (l) man and woman sitting under umbrella (c) rocks and swimming area (r) with caption 'When you break up, but the trip was non refundable'

A couple went viral on TikTok after they went on a non-refundable spring break trip together.

According to user @sadgirlhours3344, she and her boyfriend at the time had planned a two-week, nonrefundable trip together but broke up right before they were supposed to leave.

Despite their breakup, they didn’t want to waste the vacation they had been so excited about, so they decided to go ahead and take the trip together anyway.

“One vacation and a whole lotta trauma,” wrote @sadgirlhours3344 in one comment.

Commenters on the video were convinced the two were going to reconcile after this awkward vacation, but as @sadgirlhours3344 informed them, that was not the case; the couple remains broken up.

Woman gets revenge on man who broke up with her for the NFL

Woman gets revenge on man who broke up with her to focus on getting in the NFL @hannahannfit/TikTok (Licensed)

TikToker Hannah (@hannahannfit) shared on her account that her boyfriend broke up with her so he could “focus on making it to the NFL.”

In a fateful turn of events, Hannah, a sports and lifestyle influencer, made it to the NFL before her ex-boyfriend, as she revealed in a TikTok slideshow.

In the first slide, we see a teary-eyed Hannah with the text overlay, “him: I’m breaking up with you because I need to focus on making it to the NFL.”

In the next image, we see her wearing a Tampa Bay Buccaneers T-shirt on what looks like a football field, with a text overlay saying, “looks like only one of us made it.”

As Hannah explains in another video, she isn’t a player, but she graduated with a sports marketing degree and landed several gigs organizing events for the NFL. Meanwhile, her ex-boyfriend has yet to be drafted.

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