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‘He’s been messaging me for the past few months’: Woman says a current ‘Love Island USA’ contestant is her ‘4-year situationship’

‘We will vote him off asap if you need queen.’


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A Love Island USA contestant is being put on blast for allegedly being in a four-year “situationship” with a woman named Hannah Melin.

In a viral TikTok video that has been viewed over 213,000 times since it was posted on Tuesday, Melin (@thehannahmelin) expressed shock over the discovery that someone she was allegedly involved with appeared on the show.

“So I was doing my morning route, watching the newest episode of ‘Love Island,’” she began in the clip.

According to IMDb, Love Island USA is the United States version of a British reality television show where a group of contestants, referred to as islanders, live together in isolation in a villa. The contestants live under constant surveillance and compete to remain paired with another contestant.

Anyone left single during elimination is booted from the show. Contestants can also be voted off.

To shake things up, new contestants called “bombshells” are added throughout the season.

Melin said that toward the end of the episode she watched that morning, the show announced new “bombshells.” She was surprised to discover one of them was a man she had allegedly been in a “situationship” with for four years.

“I was shook,” the woman said. “My jaw has never dropped so low in my life.”

The woman also identified the contestant: Kenny. He is one of three new bombshells Love Island USA announced via Instagram on Tuesday.

Melin said she was especially shocked to see Kenny on the show because he had recently been in contact with her.

“He’s been messaging me for the past few months,” she claimed. “Being like, ‘I miss you. … Come visit me in Texas. I’ll buy the flight for you. I’ll come visit you in Richmond in August.’” 

Nevertheless, she believes that she was ghosted by the contestant after he joined the show.

“Man has never left me on delivered in the entire time I have known him, and I was very confused, but I guess it’s just ’cause he was in Fiji [and] he doesn’t have his phone,” she said, referring to the fact that contestants are not allowed to use their cellphones while filming the show.

@thehannahmelin I wish there was a camera in my house to capture my true reaction #loveisland #loveislandusa #bombshell ♬ original sound – Hannah Melin

In the comments section of the TikToker’s video, many were surprised by the allegation.

“4 year situationship is craaaaazy,” user Whitney wrote.

“Please tag me when you post your reactions,” another viewer added.

On the show, Kenny boasted that he was a 10 out of 10, and the women would likely all be interested in him. He was also seen flirting with newly single islander JaNa Craig. They shared some intimate moments and even kissed.

Melin is not the only woman on TikTok who claims that she was involved with the contestant.

TikToker Phoebe Johnson (@Phoebelucreative) posted a video on the platform that shared Kenny’s debut on the show and alleged he was her boyfriend back in high school.

“We will vote him off asap if you need queen,” user Kate commented.

“This is going down as Love Island USA’s BEST SEASON,” user It Girl wrote. “The drama, the mess, I’m here for ALL OF IT.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Love Island USA via email, Hannah Melin via Instagram direct message and TikTok comment, Phoebe Johnson by email, and Kenny via Instagram direct message for more information.

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