Lukas Bukovaz marriage proposal fail


MMA fighter Lukas Bukovaz proposes to his girlfriend after losing a match, gets rejected

After losing at the Clash of the Stars event, a cage fighter loses love, dignity.


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Sometimes you just have one of those days, you know? One moment, you’re getting your ass absolutely handed to you in a cage match. Then you think, “I know what would give me a lift: proposing to my lady love, my one, my all.”

So after everyone just watched you completely eat it, you draw even more attention to yourself, drop to a knee and propose to your girlfriend, who is sure to say yes, right? Otherwise, why would you do it? If you weren’t 1000% sure, why would you do it in front of all these people? WHY?!

Anyway, MMA fighter Lukas Bukovaz had one of those days this weekend. Fresh after losing the Clash of the Stars event in his native Czech Republic, Bukovaz kneeled in front of his girlfriend before the excited Fortuna Arena crowd in Prague.

How’d it go? Is this one of those classic MMA happily ever afters we’re always reading about as kids? 

Yeah, naw. “Based on everything that’s happened, I think probably not,” she said in Czech, as the crowd quickly reacted accordingly and Bukovaz stared blankly at the floor. She then explains to the crowd that Bukovaz had cheated on her with another lady. Big yikes, Lukas. Big ol’ yikes.

There’s no confirmation, but I can assume directly after this Bukovaz slipped on a banana peel, crashed into a wedding cake, tripped out a window, and landed in an open bed truck full of whoopie cushions. 

Did the internet have some takes? You bet they did, dear reader. You bet they did. And some were more sympathetic than others. 

So yeah, the lesson seems to be don’t lose cage matches then propose publicly to an iffy party. A true teachable moment for our guy Lukas.

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