Caught cheating on baby monitor (two split)

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‘Who else zoomed in’: Man caught cheating by wife on the baby monitor

‘I wouldn’t even have to read it.’


Chad Swiatecki


There’s not a lot we know for sure about a viral clip recently posted to TikTok from DJ Key DMV Crank (@djkeycranknews) that has caused all manner of speculation around the internet about the cheating ways of an apparent parent who wasn’t keenly aware they were partially visible on a baby monitor.

On the screen we see a low-resolution video capture from a baby monitor that shows part of a baby sleeping while someone presumably watching the child is thumbing through messages and other text content on their smartphone. The text DJ Key has superimposed over the clip frames it as capturing a woman getting caught cheating (“She got caught cheating on the baby monitor”) via whatever was clear in the first-generation capture from the monitor.

A little sleuthing around the wasteland of X (formerly Twitter) brings up a post from non aesthetic things (@PicturesFoIder) that appears to be at least one generation clearer in terms of what’s shown on the monitor feed. That still doesn’t provide any kind of certainty about what’s happening on the screen that may or may not be related to any kind of infidelity.

Audio running over the clip captures two women in what sounds like the beginning of a heated argument.

“I’m not going to sit here and be attacked.”

“You want to know something?”

“I’m not.”

“You know what you are? Know what you are? You’re a clown.”

“I’m a clown?”

“You’re a clown.”


“Your whole life is a joke.”

So did a dad get caught cheating by the baby monitor?

If we’re using the “shadow of a doubt” standard required for criminal trials in the U.S., this is a case even the most aggressive district attorney in the country wouldn’t want to touch.

That didn’t stop the X/Twitter peanut gallery from having all kinds of fun speculating and offering their takes on what they were watching and hearing. And in a bit of a sociological snapshot, most of the commenters there assumed the cheater caught on camera was a man.

“She caught him deleting the call log he caught just off that,” one of them wrote.

“maybe just the name of the contact was enough,” offered another.

And another romance-focused do-gooder said, “I wouldn’t even have to read it sometimes its just knowing how a person text that can tell you all you need to know.”

Then there was this one, which does raise some valid points about the very different ways men and women communicate: “I mean look at all them damn messages that was sent from the other person….WOMEN style.  ain’t no man sending them damn many messages he probably was ignoring her and deleting the call log rim her keep calling.”


Getting caught cheating on the baby monitor is crazy work 😳

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Of course, baby monitor footage is a great storytelling device in fiction and TV shows and movies, with real-life plotting occasionally getting captured and turned over to the authorities.

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