Person on roof waving Palestine flag(l), Macklemore(c), Building with 'Free Palestine' spray painted on steps(r)

Why are YouTube and Meta restricting Macklemore’s new pro-Palestine song ‘Hind’s Hall?’

The song, “Hinds Hall,” has racked up over 400k views despite being age-restricted.

On by Tricia Crimmins

GoFundMe for UNC frat boys who protected American flag during pro-Palestine protest breaks $400,000

‘Throw ’em a Rager’: GoFundMe for UNC frat boys who protected American flag during pro-Palestine protest breaks $400k

‘How can I get an invite to this rager?’

On by Katherine Huggins

NYPD video about 'restoring order' on college campuses panned online

‘Is this a joke?’: NYPD video about ‘restoring order’ on college campuses panned online

‘This is so gross. Something I would expect to see from a banana republic or third world dictatorship.’

On by Tricia Crimmins

Pro-Palestine protesters and Trump supporters find common ground, chant 'F*** Joe Biden' in viral video

‘Finally unity’: Pro-Palestine student protesters and Trump supporters unite to chant ‘F*** Joe Biden’

‘It’s kinda touching in its own way to see people come together.’

On by Katherine Huggins

Deputy Talking and holding up bike chain (two split)

‘That’s a bike lock’: NYPD comes under fire after claiming chains used by Columbia pro-Palestine protesters are ‘what professionals bring’

To say some are skeptical is an understatement.

On by Katherine Huggins

Robert De Niro in front of graphic background

‘They say they are going to do it again’: Video of Robert de Niro ‘yelling at protestors’ is actually footage of the actor on a TV set

The footage shows de Niro filming a Netflix series.

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Police officer(three split)

‘Guilty’: Pro-Palestine protesters in New York livestreamed themselves reading out complaints against cops to their faces

Some of the cops appeared to find it funny.

On by Marlon Ettinger

Donald Trump yelling in front of israeli flag

‘You have to clean out the cancer’: Trump slams pro-Palestine college campuses and forcefully backs Israel’s war in Gaza

‘We have to let Israel complete their war on terror.’

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Israeli Flag(l), Keffiyeh(r)

‘A hipster swastika’: Jewish organization goes on Instagram tirade against Middle Eastern headscarves at pro-Palestine protests

‘This is an insane, bigoted, cynical, and malicious take.’

On by Tricia Crimmins

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu unfollows X users after they ask her to stop sending police to encampments

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu unfollows X users after they criticize police response to Emerson College protests

“Will you please stop sending the cops to attack my friends for opposing genocide?”

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columbia palestine

Protest encampments spread to NYU and Columbia campuses abroad

There are now encampments in Berlin, Buenos Aires, and Paris.

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How did Gavin McInnes get onto Columbia University's campus?

How did Gavin McInnes get onto Columbia University’s campus amid pro-Palestine protests?

Supposedly only people with University IDs are being let in.

On by Marlon Ettinger

Pro-Palestine activists distance themselves from 'notorious Nazi agitator' appearing at NYC protests

‘Tell him to step aside’: Pro-Palestine activists rebuke ‘fascist agitator’ frequenting NYC protests

The man was ‘ranting about Jews controlling the universe’ near Columbia University.

On by Katherine Huggins

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez speaking outside

‘Reckless and dangerous’: AOC rebukes crackdown on Columbia’s pro-Palestine protests as National Guard fears loom

‘I condemn it in the strongest possible terms.’

On by Katherine Huggins

Tom Cotton(l), Palestian Flag(r)

‘Senator advocating for vehicular homicide’: Tom Cotton accused of calling for ‘vigilante violence’ against pro-Palestine protesters blocking traffic

‘Take matters into your own hands to get them out of the way.’

On by Katherine Huggins

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