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The ‘Hello Kitty Island Adventure’ joke from ‘South Park’ is now a real video game

The reason Butters is always on the computer has become a reality.


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South Park has been on our televisions for a long time. Almost 27 years, to be exact. While the Comedy Central staple hasn’t quite fallen into the Simpsons predicted it” category of real-world reflections, it’s only inevitable that some of its jokes and goof-em-ups find their way into our own reality. 

Well, one just did. And it was thankfully not crab people

In the 2006, season 10 episode of South Park “Make Love Not Warcraft,” the main boys are faced with a game-obliterating troll ruining their World of Warcraft fun. However, when laying out the game plan, Butters interjects that he does not play World of Warcraft.

Cartman then asks what he spends so much time on his computer doing. Butters’ answer? Hello Kitty Island Adventure:

At the time, no such game existed. However, it served as a long-running internet punchline, working as a stand-in for when one doesn’t quite hang with the current trends. However, in 2008, Sanrio Digital released an April Fools announcement that Hello Kitty Island Adventure was being developed. Alas, ‘twas not to be. 

Well, now you too can be Butters Stotch. Video game studio Sunblink, along with the aforementioned Sanrio, have developed an actual, IRL Hello Kitty Island Adventure for iOS devices. Take a look at the trailer below. It’s as adorable as one might imagine. 

But that’s not all, because this week, Nintendo of America announced that Hello Kitty Island Adventure would be coming to the damn Nintendo Switch!

And you just know who’s really jazzed about this development:

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