customer holding bin of snacks (l) Target building with sign and blue sky (c) customer with 2 blenders in boxes (r)

‘This is $200 right here’: Customer orders Beauty Blenders from Target. Her shopper got her Ninja blenders instead

'Beauty blenders, foodi blenders … tomato tomato.'

On Feb 15, 2023 by Rebekah Harding

shutterstock image tyler blevins (c)

‘I felt like a little kid on Christmas’: Ninja recalls Drake’s part in his quick rise to fame at SXSW

He also discussed his future in the industry.

On Mar 12, 2022 by Grace Stanley

Tyler and Jessica Blevins

Ninja and his wife donate $150,000 to coronavirus relief

They were inspired by Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, and Jimmy Fallon.

On Mar 24, 2020 by Nahila Bonfiglio

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Ninja mocked for not knowing how to make a sandwich

He couldn't even slice the bread.

On Dec 11, 2019 by Tiffanie Drayton

Ninja Twitch porn

Ninja is ‘disgusted’ with Twitch after it uses his old page to promote porn

This is not OK.

On Aug 12, 2019 by Josh Katzowitz

ninja is leaving twitch for mixer

Ninja is leaving Twitch for Mixer, Microsoft’s streaming platform

Ninja assured fans that his 'streams are going to be the exact same.'

On Aug 1, 2019 by Brooke Sjoberg

Ninja Fortnite stream

Ninja rings in the new year ‘Fortnite’ style

Ninja rang in the new year in a very 2018 way.

On Jan 1, 2019 by Nahila Bonfiglio

Ninja Twitch Thursday Night Football live stream

Ninja to host Thursday Night Football

The world's most popular gamer will host America's most popular sport.

On Dec 13, 2018 by Josh Katzowitz

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Fans are less than enthused for Ninja’s new gaming mouse

After all that hype, the mouse looks like a Croc.

On Dec 6, 2018 by Brittany Vincent


OMGWhizzBoyOMG is Sacha Baron Cohen’s best ‘Who is America?’ character

The cross-generation parody shreds masculinity to bits.

On Aug 20, 2018 by Brenden Gallagher

ninja twitch

‘Fortnite’ streaming star Ninja says he won’t play with female gamers

A personal choice, or straightforward discrimination?

On Aug 13, 2018 by Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

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South African rapper Ninja says Kanye made him watch anal sex video during recording session

The rapper says he left the encounter confused and a little grossed out. We can see why.

On May 19, 2016 by Nia Wesley

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Ninja cat breaks into closed drawer to steal treats

It was supposed to be one last heist. But they pulled her back in.

On May 8, 2015 by Feliks Garcia

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You’ve never hated anything as much as this cat hates its human

Some people just aren't meant to be cat people.

On Dec 14, 2014 by Monica Riese

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Watch a real-life fruit ninja expertly slice through a mountain of lemons

Don't leave this guy alone with your fruit.

On Jun 28, 2014 by Kevin Collier