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‘He had heavy lead in him’: Mom says Ninja air fryer tested positive for lead after her son was exposed

‘I have the same air fryer…’


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In the past few years, air fryers have become a kitchen staple for many Americans. First introduced in 2010, these compact devices work similarly to convection ovens, circulating hot air to cook food.

While these devices have proven popular, they are not without issues. 

“More than 3 million air fryers from various brands have since been recalled due to fire and burn hazards,” reported Cecilia Garzella of USA TODAY. “Of 259 air fryer incident reports reviewed by USA TODAY, about a fifth involved injuries, resulting in first aid administration or visits to the emergency room.”

Other issues have been alleged by internet users. For example, one user claimed that use of their air fryer made them sick.

Now, a user is claiming another issue with air fryers: lead.

Does this Ninja Air Fryer contain lead?

In a video with over 3.3 million views, TikTok user Caylan Bouska (@caylanbouska) shows an air fryer made by the company Ninja.

According to Bouska, her son was recently tested for lead and was found to have higher levels of lead in him than normal. While she didn’t know where the lead could have been coming from, she soon discovered what she believed to be the culprit: an air fryer that she claimed to use to cook his lunch “everyday.”

“I thought it was coming from my water—but no, it’s coming from this air fryer right here,” she claims.

She then shows a swab, presumably for a lead test strip. After running the swab along the base of the air fryer, it turns red.

“Positive for lead,” she states. “How freaking crazy.”

Is the air fryer the cause of these issues?

Regardless of whether the air fryer contains lead—the Daily Dot could not confirm this, though we have reached out to Ninja for clarification and comment—it’s uncertain whether the presence of lead in that area would be an issue for eaters.

First, that portion of the air fryer does not come in contact with food. Air fryers employ a removable tray where the cooking takes place, so the presence of lead in other portions of the air fryer might not affect the food being cooked.

Second, several commenters noted that they did not experience similar issues with the same air fryer.

“I have the same air fryer, just tested mine and it came out negative,” said a user.

“I have this air fryer – my daughter has autism and blood disorder. Her levels are tested frequently and her levels are normal,” stated another.

@caylanbouska Lead in airfryer my sons had to be tested for lead poisoning for school and and it came back very high !! #ninja #airfryermaster #airfryer ♬ original sound – Caylan Bouska

Commenters share their consumer safety thoughts

In the comments section, many users offered their concerns about consumer safety in everyday products.

“Yall when I say I’m so overwhelmed trying to avoid being poisoned by literally everything,” wrote a commenter.

“With Chevron overturned, I fear this will get worse,” shared a second. 

“Use Stainless steel everything,” stated a third, with others suggesting air fryers made out of glass.

The Daily Dot reached out to SharkNinja via email and Bouska via TikTok comment.

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