Ninja is leaving Twitch for Mixer, Microsoft’s streaming platform


Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, one of the largest names in Fortnite, is leaving Twitch for Microsoft’s streaming platform, Mixer.

The 28-year-old, who is the most followed Twitch streamer with nearly 15 million followers, made a deal to stream exclusively on Mixer. The news comes just over a month after he failed to qualify for the Fornite world cup in June, as reported by CNET.

In a Twitter video, Ninja assured his fans that “obviously streams are going to be the exact same.”

“I have been holding on to this for quite some time,” Ninja said. “and I’m just super excited to let everyone know. I’ll be streaming on Mixer full-time now and I’m honestly at a loss for words. I’m freaking out in the best ways. I feel like I’m going to get back to the streaming roots.”

It also appears that Twitch quickly unverified Ninja.

“Damn they snagged this mans checkmark QUICK,” a Twitter user pointed out, accompanied by a screenshot, showing the missing checkmark that’s usually next to Ninja’s name.

With the announcement of his leaving, Ninja’s Twitch followers are flooding his stream chat with sad and angry “emotes,” or customized emoticons, to make clear what they think of the switch. Similar sentiments are being expressed by fans on Twitter.

“Literally everyone: Let’s pick up our streams and move them to mixer! #ThanksNinja,” Twitter user @P1erceR6 said, referencing a SpongeBob SquarePants scene.

Ninja has already racked up 100,000 subscribers on the platform that’s surely about to become very, very popular.

In a press release, Mixer announced that Ninja’s return to streaming begins on August 2 at the Lolapalooza music festival.


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Brooke Sjoberg

Brooke Sjoberg

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