Kermit memes (featuring Kermit the Frog)

The Kermit memes, explained

Kermit the Frog is older than many of you, but still culturally relevant through the many memes that feature him.

On Nov 29, 2023 by Alexandra Samuels

'Let me do it for you': meme (with picture of borzoi)

The ‘let me do it for you’ meme, born from heartbreak

'"Cellophane" was never meant for FKA Twigs. It was meant for Miss Piggy.'

On Nov 29, 2023 by Natasha Dubash

Kermit memes (featuring Kermit the Frog)

How Kermit the Frog became a sassy meme

The beloved Muppet has a dark side online.

On Nov 21, 2023 by Sarah Kester

Muppets Haunted Mansion movie poster

How to watch ‘Muppets Haunted Mansion’

Gonzo is in for the spookiest night of his life.

On Oct 11, 2021 by Jaime Carrillo

the muppet show disney plus

Light up the lights: ‘The Muppet Show’ is coming to Disney+

It's happening!

On Jan 19, 2021 by Michelle Jaworski

disney plus muppets now review

Disney+’s ‘Muppets Now’ is absurd, big chaotic energy

The Muppets bring their quintessential absurdities to streaming.

On Jul 31, 2020 by Michelle Jaworski

Apple TV Helpsters review

Apple TV+ offers something for younger viewers with ‘Helpsters’

The 'Sesame Street'-esque series is full of guest stars that your toddlers won't recognize.

On Nov 12, 2019 by Eddie Strait

muppets star is born trailer

This Muppets-heavy ‘A Star is Born’ trailer is better than the real thing

This muppets version of "A Star is Born" might be the best remake yet.

On Sep 20, 2018 by David Britton


Twitter wonders what would happen if Muppets replaced all but one cast member of popular films

The problem with movies these days is not enough Muppets.

On Jul 16, 2018 by Stacey Ritzen

Homepage article image

Kermit gets a new voice actor after 27 years

This must be hard on Miss Piggy.

On Jul 11, 2017 by Bryan Rolli

big bird sesame street

Big Bird runs from the fuzz in this epic Beastie Boys mashup

'Sabotage' still destroys, even with some law-ducking Muppets.

On Jul 6, 2017 by Audra Schroeder

Sean Spicer and Manamanah Muppets

Sean Spicer gets the Muppet mashup he deserves

Doo doot doo doot.

On Apr 5, 2017 by Michelle Jaworski

fozzie bear

Watch Fozzie Bear and the Muppets cover 50 Cent’s ‘In Da Club’

In the latest Muppets' remake everyone's favorite wisecracking bear takes a crack at 50 Cent's In Da Club.

On Apr 4, 2017 by David Britton

Homepage article image

8 weird and wonderful ’90s shows you can watch on YouTube

All perfectly preserved in digital amber, just waiting for you to take a time jaunt back to the Clinton years.

On Mar 28, 2016 by David Wharton

Homepage article image

Kermit the Frog covers ‘It Wasn’t Me’ to rebut Miss Piggy’s accusations

The Swedish Chef even lends Kermit his support.

On Feb 2, 2016 by Michelle Jaworski