Golfer of 20 years blasted for ‘mansplaining’ golf to woman. He has no idea who she is

‘Did he not realize?’: Golfer of 20 years blasted for ‘mansplaining’ golf to woman. He has no idea who she is

‘This was a bit awkward, not going to lie.’

On Feb 24, 2024 by Braden Bjella

Man mansplaining law to a recent BAR participant

TikToker shares video of guy at bar ‘mansplaining’ law to her—the day she took the bar exam

‘Yeah I could’ve gone to law school but business was the better move for me.’

On Aug 3, 2021 by Nahila Bonfiglio

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Jay Inslee mansplains abortion rights at the Democratic debate

Amy Klobuchar was not amused

On Jun 26, 2019 by Claire Goforth

woman holding tampon

Twitter slams dude for saying only 7 tampons are needed per period

He also described some uterine linings as ‘extra juicy.’

On Mar 7, 2019 by Alex Dalbey


Guy mansplains song to Japanese Breakfast, the female artist who wrote the song


On Feb 15, 2019 by Eilish O’Sullivan

anatomy lecture

This dude who mansplained ‘vulva’ to a gynecologist gets blasted online

He called her expertise ‘part of the problem.’

On Feb 11, 2019 by Alex Dalbey

Rudy Giuliani tweeted on Wednesday night that witches should not be offended by President Donald Trump's use of 'witch hunt' to describe the Russia probe.

Rudy Giuliani mansplains ‘witch hunts’ to witches

He appears to be referencing a CNN segment.

On Jan 3, 2019 by Andrew Wyrich


This woman made the best mansplaining chart of all time

Well actually, it’s more of a diagram.

On Jul 20, 2018 by Brittany Vincent

Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau get roasted online for correcting a woman who said 'mankind.'

Justin Trudeau mansplains ‘inclusivity’ to woman, gets roasted

The prime minister pulled a straight-up feminist no-no.

On Feb 6, 2018 by Samantha Grasso

Australian senator Penny Wong

This female senator is going viral for shutting down manterrupting colleague

Penny Wong is having none of this.

On Jun 21, 2017 by Ana Valens

Illustrations of women making the Shh sign

This app will track how many times women are manterrupted

Woman Interrupted listens in on meetings to track when a male voice interjects your own.

On Mar 9, 2017 by Christina Bonnington

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Let’s all laugh at these men mansplaining this viral mansplaining poem

‘Actually, [the] poem published the same year Twitter was invented. :)’

On Oct 6, 2016 by Jessica Machado

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Internet roasts dude for mansplaining space to female astronaut

When you ‘actually’ a woman, reach for the moon—or delete your account.

On Sep 9, 2016 by Lyz Lenz

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Woman makes chart about mansplaining, promptly gets mansplained

Something was misinterpreted online. Can you believe it?

On Sep 14, 2015 by Marisa Kabas

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Sexist campus statue commemorates mansplaining

Actually, it’s about ethics in bronzing.

On May 26, 2015 by Aja Romano

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