stream Gilmore girls a year in the life

How to stream ‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’

Catching up with the gals from Stars Hollow.

On Nov 23, 2020 by Jaime Carrillo

ruth wilson gilmore girls

‘Gilmore Girls’ meme account aims to educate about police abolition

It highlights the work of Ruth Wilson Gilmore—and demands police reform in Connecticut.

On Jun 18, 2020 by Audra Schroeder

marvelous mrs maisel season 3

Midge flaunts the worst side of herself in ‘Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ season 3

Sterling K. Brown is the MVP this season.

On Dec 6, 2019 by Tiffany Kelly


Alexis Bledel named most dangerous online celebrity

Online searches for the actress may lead you to viruses or malware.

On Oct 22, 2019 by Mikael Thalen

netflix original series : gilmore girls

‘Gilmore Girls’ creators sign another big deal with Amazon

Things aren't looking promising for 'Gilmore Girls' fans who wanted new Netflix episodes.

On Sep 25, 2017 by Christine Friar

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‘Gilmore Girls’ star Scott Patterson to debut line of coffee

Get ready for a coffee morning. And afternoon. And evening.

On Jun 28, 2017 by Audra Schroeder

Luke's Diner lego

Stop everything and help make this ‘Gilmore Girls’ Lego set a reality

It even has a tiny 'no cell phones' sign!

On May 12, 2017 by Monica Riese

bill nye stranger things

Bill Nye explains the science behind ‘Stranger Things’

His science is sound.

On Apr 28, 2017 by Michelle Jaworski

netflix original series : gilmore girls

Netflix is in ‘very preliminary’ talks to bring ‘Gilmore Girls’ back

Will we see what happens after those final four words?

On Mar 6, 2017 by Michelle Jaworski

Rachel Brosnahan

New show from ‘Gilmore Girls’ creator among Amazon’s new pilots

Five star-studded pilots will soon hit Amazon.

On Mar 2, 2017 by Audra Schroeder

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The one big problem with Netflix’s latest ‘Gilmore Girls’ tweet

Is Netflix trying to spin mystery where there is none?

On Dec 29, 2016 by Monica Riese

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This is how broke journalist Rory Gilmore could afford all those international flights

This doesn't check out.

On Dec 3, 2016 by Samantha Grasso

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Upstream podcast: Unpacking ‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’

The right clique.

On Dec 3, 2016 by Audra Schroeder

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Gilmore Blacks critiques the lack of diversity in Netflix reboot

The numbers aren't great.

On Dec 1, 2016 by Samantha Grasso

best shows on netflix : Gilmore Girls

The 10 best ‘Gilmore Girls’ episodes

Get your Netflix ready.

On Nov 30, 2016 by Eddie Strait