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The one big problem with Netflix’s latest ‘Gilmore Girls’ tweet

Is Netflix trying to spin mystery where there is none?


Monica Riese


This post contains spoilers for the really f**king dumb finale of Netflix’s .

Apparently working under the assumption that literally anyone still wants to talk about the garbage fire that was the finale of this fall’s much-anticipated Gilmore Girls reboot, Netflix has taken to Twitter to poke fun at the twist of those last four words.

(We warned you twice now: Spoilers ahead.)

Viewers were probably feelin’ pretty good coasting into the last scene of the show: Emily’s got a new gig, Rory’s writing the book, Luke and Lorelai got hitched… And then they drop this bombshell:

Rory: Mom?
Lorelai: Yeah?
Rory: I’m pregnant.

Longtime fans were distraught by this news, in no small part because it makes zero sense for 32-year-old Rory to be this adrift. Oh and the sorta-kinda uncertainty surrounding who the dad might be. Netflix waited a month for folks to finish watching (that was polite, at least), and then tweeted this:

It’s a callback to season 6, episode 9, “The Prodigal Daughter Returns,” when April Nardini bursts onto the scene with a science fair project to determine who her dad is. (It’s Luke, naturally.) But in that case, the Definitely Maybe contenders were all actually contenders; in Rory’s, there’s really only one logical answer: Logan Huntzberger.

She’s been shtupping her college beau throughout the series, despite his imminent marriage to a French heiress, and they have one last hurrah in a New Hampshire B&B earlier in the episode. While she ostensibly had boyfriend Pete Paul until moments prior to her pregnancy announcement (he breaks up with her via text), we’re led to believe they haven’t seen each other in months due to conflicting schedules, and the chemistry was so bad it’s impossible to fathom them having much of a sex life. And, as much as we’d like to make a “let the Wookiee win” joke here, that spring fling was easily six months prior; I think Rory would’ve had to say something before now.

No, no, it was always going to be Logan. As the Christopher stand-in for the next generation (the showrunners really drilled that point home with the thrown-in visit to dear old Dad to ask about how he felt about letting Lorelai raise Rory alone), Logan is every bit the father, letting Amy Sherman-Palladino bring the show full-circle to its premiere, right down to Lorelai’s monetary arrangement with Emily.

Great, we get it, it’s literally the circle of life. Now please, let us get back to eating our Pop-Tarts in peace.

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