How many of Trump’s ‘firefighter’ fans are actually Twitter bots in disguise?

Many of the accounts were rated high for bot-like activity.

On May 1, 2019 by Eilish O'Sullivan

Donald Trump Retweet Bongino Fuck Donald Trump User

Trump hit with ‘F*ck Donald Trump’ burn after retweeting fake fan

The changed username was up on the president's Twitter page for hours.

On May 1, 2019 by Andrew Wyrich


The internet sees ‘volunteer’ inmate firefighters as nothing short of slave labor

For a 24-hour firefighting shift, a California inmate will earn only $26.

On Nov 14, 2018 by Alex Dalbey

modren firetruck

6 firefighters let go for defacing Black colleague’s family photos with noose

They even drew penises on his kid and grandma.

On Nov 3, 2017 by Ana Valens

tinder poop date story reenactment

The man from the infamous Tinder poop date reenacted the story on live TV

If your date tries throwing her poop out the window, you too might end up on a British Morning show.

On Sep 14, 2017 by David Britton


Pigs rescued by firefighters then eaten by firefighters

Out of the fire, into the firefighters.

On Aug 23, 2017 by David Britton

drone arizona firefighters prescott national forest

Arizona man charged with 14 felonies for allegedly flying drone near wildfire

Police tracked him down after he allegedly posted photos to his website.

On Jul 3, 2017 by Josh Katzowitz

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Boston bombing victim engaged to the firefighter who saved her

No, YOU'RE crying.

On Feb 1, 2017 by Monica Riese

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When GPS fails, new NASA tech could help save firefighters’s lives

GPS often fails firefighters when they need it most.

On Jan 2, 2017 by [email protected]

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Embarrassed police saved from stuck elevator by rival firefighters

Would have been a great time to commit a crime.

On Apr 30, 2016 by Gabe Bergado

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Firefighters save 120-pound Great Dane that somehow got stuck up a tree

This was not kitty-in-a-tree phone call.

On Apr 11, 2016 by Josh Katzowitz

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Cat trapped in ceiling for 24 hours is rescued by firefighters

What has he seen from up there?

On Jan 16, 2016 by David Britton

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Dubai firefighters will soon douse skyscraper fires using jetpacks

How else are you going to put out a fire 200 stories up in the air?

On Nov 13, 2015 by AJ Dellinger

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U.S. government and local police are testing new ways to defend against drones

Drone use—and abuse—is on the rise.

On Aug 21, 2015 by Eric Geller

Homepage article image

California is offering $75,000 for names of disruptive drone pilots

Interfering with emergency efforts is a big deal.

On Jul 30, 2015 by Mike Wehner