ring stuck on dinger with caption 'story time: oura ring gets stuck edition' (l)woman with firefighter crew helping her remove stuck ring from finger with caption 'they called another department with a stronger tool ring removal tool wasnt strong enough sort of worried at this point shoutout to this fire department for being so nice though'(c) woman with fire fighter crew helping her remove stuck ring with caption 'SHE'S ALMOST OFF' (r)

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‘Definitely a night to remember’: Woman heads to fire station after getting ring stuck on her finger

'This video made me take my ring off'


Jackie Ibarra


Posted on Oct 3, 2023

A woman and her swollen finger went viral on TikTok after documenting the adventure she went on to remove a stuck Oura ring.

In a cinematic slideshow of 9 photos that has about 1.3 million views, TikTok creator @sfjenna shared the story of how she got her Oura ring, a popular health tracking ring, off her finger. She began the story by showing her very swollen and purple middle finger with the Oura ring stuck on it.  

@sfjenna we went to the fire department after filmimg this ☠️ (and yes my finger was saved ❤️) #ouraring ♬ som original – ًٍ

She explained that she kept elevating and icing her hand, trying to reduce the swelling. After four hours, she wrote in her post’s text overlay that she tried using olive oil to slip the ring off of her finger, which was “looking progressively worse.” In a comment under her video, Jenna explained that she waited so long in hopes that the swelling went down.

With no luck, she headed to a local fire department. 

In a picture with firefighters huddled all around her while fidgeting with the ring, she wrote that although they did have a ring remover tool to use, it wasn’t strong enough to remove the ring. 

“Sort of worried at this point,” she said.

She explained that the fire department had to call another station with a stronger tool and she had to head to another fire station. In a picture that looks almost like surgery is underway, she showed a close-up of firefighters with pliers, screwdrivers, and other tools attempting to get the ring off. 

“She’s almost off,” Jenna wrote in all caps.

To conclude the end of the saga is a picture of Jenna with a big smile, giving a thumbs-up. She wrote that after 5 hours, the ring was finally removed.

“Huge shoutout to both fire departments for their help,” she wrote on the final slide. 

The video has people in the comments concerned about her swollen finger. Many were horrified by the size of the swelling and how purple her finger became, which is especially prominent on slide 3 of her photo carousel.

“The gasp I gusp,” one person commented.

“You literally almost lost your finger,” one user wrote.

“‘She’s almost off” the ring or the finger,” another user wrote.

Other users shared concerns about the Oura ring. The ring, which also went viral on TikTok, is a ring infused with technology that’s able to track varying degrees of a person’s health, such as their sleep schedule or fitness goals. It can also track things like blood oxygen levels, menstrual cycles, and body temperatures, all while documenting data on an app users can access.

However, numerous users have reported getting the ring stuck on their fingers, most notably among them is singer Jason Derulo.

“Why does this keep happening with this ring? This is like the 4th vid I’ve seen,” one person wrote.

“This is my sign not to get the oura ring,” one person commented.

Jenna responded to this comment, explaining that she does love her Oura ring and that her video shouldn’t be taken as a negative review. 

In a follow-up video answering a commenter’s question about what happened, Jenna explained that she was swimming with her friends while training for a triathlon. She said that when she switched the ring onto her middle finger in an attempt for the ring to fit a bit more snugly, the ring ultimately got stuck. 

“Huge shoutout to my friends and the fire department for saving my finger,” Jenna wrote in the caption of her video. 

The Daily Dot reached out to Jenna via direct message on TikTok.

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*First Published: Oct 3, 2023, 3:17 pm CDT