woman exposes american eagle harrasment tiktok

‘I’ve brought all these concerns to HR and your major concern is my TikTok videos?’: American Eagle worker says HR ‘gaslit’ her into thinking her TikTok videos were hurting the brand

'Jokes on them we all thought you worked at VS Pink.'

On Sep 17, 2022 by Cecilia Lenzen

creator shows how yeezy's gap collab is displayed tiktok

‘The staff said they’re not allowed to put them on hangers’: Gap customers have to search through ‘trash bags’ for Yeezy collection

'It’s bc we’re poor and he has to remind us that we can only afford clothes from the trash.'

On Sep 12, 2022 by Melody Heald

business man in suit with leg up speaking (l) business woman in blazer pointing to earring (c) business woman in blazer holding leg up by ankle (r)

‘Wow lulu is the new corporate uniform’: Students show ‘corporate America rush’ outfits for Zoom meetings

Bama Rush has entered the corporate world.

On Aug 20, 2022 by Jack Alban

woman holding gold foil in plastic jar (l) SHEIN logo on white background (c) woman holding hand up close to screen finger peeling (r)

‘My fingers started to peel’: Woman says Shein nail product ‘melted into’ her hands and poisoned her

'I've never seen anything like it, I couldn't wash it off, it just disappeared into my skin.'

On Aug 13, 2022 by Brooke Sjoberg

silhouette of hand holding phone with SHEIN logo on screen in front of an open laptop on SHEIN website

Shein debunks claim that workers wrote ‘help’ on clothing tags after TikTok conspiracy theory takes off

Shein debunked the original TikTok, but it's still up and has millions of views.

On Jun 17, 2022 by Audra Schroeder

Kim Kardashian in Marilyn Monroe's dress at MET gala

Marilyn Monroe’s dress reportedly damaged after Kim Kardashian wore it to the Met Gala

'What did they expect fr.'

On Jun 13, 2022 by Laiken Neumann

Homepage article image

Old Navy said it removed inclusive sizing in 75 U.S. stores—but a TikToker is fact-checking that number

'We are not an anomaly, but we are made to feel that way by the clothing industry.'

On Jun 5, 2022 by Gisselle Hernandez

woman open mouth in car speaking (L) Dpop logo on red background (r)

‘This is why I have trust issues’: TikToker says multiple Depop sellers never shipped her orders

'This is why I stopped using Depop.'

On May 27, 2022 by Gisselle Hernandez

woman trying to return item to store women at counter one woman has hand on heart caption 'The Fox Club in Chicago sold me a fake coach purse and refused to give me a refund. Is this really a vintage store?' (l) The Fox Club Chicago logo on white background (red heart letters x and o split by lightning bolt) (c) woman speaking to woman at counter (r)

‘They KNOW they’re wrong’: TikToker calls out vintage store for selling her a fake Coach purse

'You shouldn't have to ASK if it's authentic.'

On May 10, 2022 by Cecilia Lenzen

Kim Kardashian in Marilyn Monroe dress at Met Gala

Kim Kardashian losing 16 pounds to fit into Marilyn Monroe’s dress sparks debate

'Not even close.'

On May 3, 2022 by Audra Schroeder

Laptop screen with corset on dpop caption 'NO because fast fashion is ripping this EXACT corset I designed a few weeks ago that was made from VINTAGE FABRIC. Unreal.' (l) Woman hand on mouth caption 'NO because fast fashion is ripping this EXACT corset I designed a few weeks ago that was made from VINTAGE FABRIC. Unreal.' (c) Laptop screen and corset on keyboard caption 'Like this video to raise awareness that FASTFASHION STEALS from small businesses' (r)

A fashion designer made a corset with vintage fabric. 2 weeks later, it was allegedly ripped off by fast fashion retailers.

'I don't think they copied your piece.'

On Apr 24, 2022 by Cecilia Lenzen

Woman in hoodie caption 'working @ brandy melville and having to take photos of cute customers fits to send to head office which is why the clothes look similar to other brands' (l) Brandy Melville clothing store with sign (r)

Former Brandy Melville employee alleges they used to send photos of ‘cute’ customers’ outfits to the head office

'This happened to me and a year later they came out with the same dress.'

On Apr 10, 2022 by Braden Bjella

young woman trying on clothes

‘It’s the blatant lack of accountability’: Anti-misogyny TikTok influencer accused of hypocrisy over Shein partnership

Drew Afualo is defending her deal with the fast-fashion company.

On Apr 7, 2022 by Tricia Crimmins

model in swimsuit (l) woman with caption 'me when shein colors in peoples skin for diversity' (c) model in swimsuit with skin color darkened (r)

‘You can literally tell it’s a white person’: TikToker calls out Shein for allegedly making white model Black

'When Shein colors people’s skin for diversity.'

On Mar 25, 2022 by Gisselle Hernandez

victorias secret pushup bra liquid tiktok

‘So is that Victoria’s secret?’: TikToker discovers Victoria’s Secret push-up bras are made with liquid


On Mar 4, 2022 by Kathleen Wong