Woman talking(l+r), Hands washing soapy hair(c)

‘I can’t explain it but I would feel so violated’: Woman goes to salon and gets her hair washed—by someone pretending to work there

'I'm so weirded out.'

On Mar 20, 2024 by Stacy Fernandez

Woman talking(l+r), Hotel concierge handing hotel key(c)

‘Man at the front desk is sus’: Woman warns against hotels after finding hidden message on bathroom mirror

'He knew my name.'

On Mar 19, 2024 by Stacy Fernandez

woman cleaning spill on skirt (l) woman cleaning spill on skirt with caption ''you're gonna have to take it off'' (c) woman cleaning spill on skirt with caption '*Awkward laughs*' (r)

‘Only day 2 on the job smh’: Worker records manager telling her she’s ‘going to have to’ take skirt off after she spills on it

'Lawsuit tbh.'

On Jan 5, 2023 by Cecilia Lenzen

woman opening laptop with caption '*Sees a Facebook message come in from my high school janitor*' (l) Facebook messenger messages 'How old are you now' (c) woman closing laptop (r)

‘If he was a hot janitor you’d be into it’: TikToker shamed for sharing message from high school janitor asking how old she is now

'His behavior was inappropriate. Period.'

On Sep 1, 2022 by Rebekah Harding

hinge guy apartment

‘Quite literally escaped my own episode of SVU’: Woman details creepy rooftop date plan with Jake from Hinge

'That man was 100% going to do something.'

On Aug 3, 2022 by Rebekah Harding

woman greenscreen tiktok over gas station interior caption 'men when you're behind them in line' (l) woman greenscreen tiktok over gas station interior standing staring at camera caption 'men when you're behind them in line'(r) woman greenscreen tiktok over gas station interior caption 'men when you're behind them in line' (r)

‘Enragingly accurate’: TikToker jokes about how creepy men act when you’re behind them in line, sparking debate

'They stare hard.'

On Jul 28, 2022 by Lauren Castro

man in pink shirt leaning into car window with caption 'old man came to our window trying to hook up'

‘’My wife doesn’t have to know’…gramps been doing this his whole life’: TikTokers film ‘old man’ trying to hook up with them

'He didn't deserve kindness.'

On Jun 27, 2022 by Braden Bjella

man with pants down to his ankles (l) woman hand on cheek caption 'PSA:LOCK YOUR DOORS (even if you live in a secure condo/apartment/dorm building) (r)

‘I never feel safe’: Woman shares story about creepy neighbor breaking in with his ‘pants around his ankles’

'This is why it is all men. Because you have no idea who it could be.'

On Mar 31, 2022 by Victoria Gagliardo-Silver

old man looking at phone (l) woman scrolling through phone's photos (r)

TikToker forces ‘creepy old man’ to delete pics of her at the beach

'Yea, you're going to delete all those pictures.'

On Mar 14, 2022 by Mikael Thalen

In a TikTok, a woman says she and her friends were approached by a group of men and older women at a restaurant.

‘The Nobu workers came in clutch and saved us’: TikToker films creepy encounter with ‘random guy and group of older women’

'Regardless [of] what it really was, it was really harassment.'

On Dec 21, 2021 by Tricia Crimmins

cold stone on doorstep

‘This ice cream has been here for a week’: TikToker raises concerns after neighbor leaves Cold Stone delivery on doorstep

Many people suggested she call in a wellness check.

On Nov 15, 2021 by Clara Wang

blood-looking stains on floor of old house

‘They couldn’t be sure if it was human or animal’: TikToker finds mysterious stains in new house

People think the house is something out of a horror movie.

On Oct 31, 2021 by Stacy Fernandez

man climbing over fence behind tree branches with caption 'Today i caught dumb ass neighbor in my yard peeping in my yard at me and my daughters'

‘Call the cops’: Viral TikTok shows a woman catching her neighbor spying on her daughters

The poster said she called the police.

On Oct 8, 2021 by Kahron Spearman

TikTok Creepy Car Woman

‘Keep an eye on your surroundings’: TikToker catches ‘creepy’ woman following people and opening their car doors

Some people think it may have been a mental health issue.

On Oct 5, 2021 by Kathryn Cardin

young woman with mask and caption 'so my family is eating at Johnny rockets and me and my sister had to use the bathroom' (l) a door with the caption 'and she told me there was a room behind the mirror that's the bathroom' (c) dark room with blinds and caption 'that looks like a person'

‘Break it and find out’: TikToker seemingly finds creepy room behind a Johnny Rockets bathroom mirror

'I woulda kicked the hell outta that glass.'

On Oct 5, 2021 by Kahron Spearman