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‘If he was a hot janitor you’d be into it’: TikToker shamed for sharing message from high school janitor asking how old she is now

‘His behavior was inappropriate. Period.’


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A woman shows Facebook direct messages from her former high school’s janitor asking to be her “friend” and “how old” she is in a now-viral TikTok.

In the video, posted by TikToker Rebekah Gregg (@bekahgregg12) on Aug. 9, Gregg shows a Facebook message she received in June from an account she says belongs to the janitor from her alma mater. The text overlay reads, “Sees a Facebook message come in from my high school janitor.”

“Hi. May I ask you something? How old are you now?” the messages read. “Can I be your friend now? Good morning. Hi.”


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The video received over 192,000 views as of Sept. 1, with an overwhelming number of comments shaming Gregg for responding to the initial message.

“How wonderful it is when a problem is so trivial that it can be completely silenced by … pressing the ‘off button,’” one read.

“If he was a hot janitor you’d be into it,” another commenter wrote.

In a response video, Gregg explains she has “ignored this man for years,” revealing that he first attempted to contact her after she transferred schools her senior year.

“I was not 18 yet, and that’s when he started to message me. He’s messaged me for years,” Gregg says in the clip. “I’ve ignored his messages. I’ve blocked his accounts. He has created multiple accounts with different variations of his name to message me, and I’m sure plenty of other girls.”

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Many commenters came to Gregg’s defense, blasting the janitor for his “inappropriate” and “creepy” behavior. Several urged her to contact the school.

“If he’s still working there you should tell the school. If he is reaching out now he obviously liked you as a child too,” one commenter wrote.

“Ppl are saying you shouldn’t have responded but honestly like all the possibilities of what the question could be?? I might be too curious too,” another said.

“You don’t need to explain yourself. His behavior was inappropriate. Period. Women will always be blamed,” a third added.

In a comment, Gregg says that the janitor “has been reported to the school.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Gregg via email. The TikToker did not immediately respond to the request for comment.

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