woman greenscreen tiktok over gas station interior caption 'men when you're behind them in line' (l) woman greenscreen tiktok over gas station interior standing staring at camera caption 'men when you're behind them in line'(r) woman greenscreen tiktok over gas station interior caption 'men when you're behind them in line' (r)


‘Enragingly accurate’: TikToker jokes about how creepy men act when you’re behind them in line, sparking debate

'They stare hard.'


Lauren Castro


Posted on Jul 28, 2022

In a viral video, TikToker Moe (@westmomonet) shared a moment that is seemingly all too familiar for women when making a trip to a gas station. 

Moe provided social commentary through her video, which now has over 796,900 views, displaying how creepy men stare when a woman is behind them in line.

“The rumors are true. Women don’t have peripheral vision,” she captioned the video.

@westmomonet the rumors are true. women don’t have peripheral vision #greenscreen #creepymen ♬ original sound – Moë

“Men when you’re behind them in line,” the overlay text reads.

The 8-second video shows Moe acting as if she were standing in the checkout line at a gas station when the man in front of her turns around and stares at her. 

In the comments section, users share similar experiences.

“Enragingly accurate,” one user said.

“NO CAUSE WHY DO THEY DO THIS?! i was in 711 with MY BROTHER and this 35 year old dude just turns around and stares us down,” another commented.

“​​This happens to me from men AND women. Some folk are just…not cut out for public,” a third user said.

However, some users in the comments don’t agree with Moe and claim that it’s “part of a man’s DNA” to stare at women.

“A guy can’t even stare at a pretty girl in peace without being called a creep,” one user said.

“Never seen this ever wtf. now you just making things up,” another commented.

“Maybe…guy’s tend to stare at everything. It’s in our DNA, evolutionary we are meant to be on the look out,” a third user said. Moe responded to him, saying, “find the part in your DNA to mind your own business.”

In a follow-up video, Moe addressed a comment in the comments section of the original TikTok.

“I work at a gas station and never see this, but the weirdos are gonna let women in front of them, but not cuz they are [creepy],” the user commented.


♬ original sound – Moë

Moe proceeded to explain that invalidating her experiences isn’t okay, and through her experience at multiple gas stations, men are a lot creepier when you’re working behind the counter.

“Unless you’ve been afraid of going to work or a gas station or any public place alone, then your opinion means nothing to me,” she said.

The Daily Dot reached out to Moe via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Jul 28, 2022, 4:28 pm CDT