The pope smiling with the word 'frociaggine' written over top

Frociaggine memes are the latest gay trend

Pope Francis isn’t going to live this one down.

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Pope over LGBTQ flag

‘Based’: Pope Francis is back in conservatives’ good graces after using anti-gay slur

The Pope released a statement apologizing, but online conservatives loved it.

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Pope with devil horns and tail

Pope Francis deemed Satanic by Christian conservatives for preaching love, tolerance toward migrants

The Pope called conservatism a ‘suicidal attitude.’

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Christopher Wray speaking into microphone in front of crowd (l) Jim Jordan in front of an/gold background (r)

Why the FBI is being accused of investigating the Catholic Church

A leaked memo sparked outrage.

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sign at gelateria 'This place is different, It's about God, Family, and Country' (l) gelato at Old Bridge Gelateria (c) person speaking outside caption 'DID YALL NOTICE IT SAID - 'Actions which do not fit the norm of Christian behavior is not allowed' (r)

‘This place needs to be shut down’: TikToker calls out Catholic gelato shop’s strict dress code and prohibition of phone use

‘Actions which do not fit the norm of Christian behavior is not allowed.’

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Video: Catholic priest throws hands after allegedly being asked to wear mask

Redditors did not hold back in the comments section of the video.

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A Bosnian YouTuber holding an axe in the woods

Metalhead YouTuber arrested after criticizing the mourning of executed pro-Nazi militants

While wielding an ax, the YouTuber criticizes the Catholic church for the annual mass.

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pope francis scotch is the real holy water

Pope Francis called Scotch ‘the real holy water’ in video—and the Vatican reportedly censored it

The comment was meant as a ‘good-spirited joke.’

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Catholic priest allegedly spent church money on Grindr hookups

He allegedly stole almost $100,000 worth of church donations.

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Catholic Bishop gets roasted for hypocritical anti-LGBTQ, Pride Month tweet

He said pride events are ‘harmful for children.’

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This viral video of Pope Francis not letting anyone kiss his hand is weird

He ain’t having it.

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These Catholic memes will help you get through Lent

Hopefully, you didn’t give up memes.

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New Click to Pray app lets you pray with Pope Francis

Twitter users have mixed feelings.

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Christian cross expose christian schools hashtag

#ExposeChristianSchools goes viral after Karen Pence and Covington Catholic School uproars

Some of these stories are truly heartbreaking.

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vatican city

Everyone’s making fun of the Vatican’s new official track team


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