Video: Catholic priest throws hands after allegedly being asked to wear mask

Redditors did not hold back in the comments section of the video.

Dec 30, 2020, 6:10 pm



Moises Mendez II

In the latest addition to Reddit’s r/PublicFreakout, a video of a Catholic priest in Colombia started a fight after someone allegedly asked him to put a face mask on.

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The video, titled “Catholic priest starts a fight in a supermarket when asked to cover with mouth with a mask,” starts out with the man, who is dressed in Catholic priest attire, standing at the register. He seems to be irked by a masked shopper. The title suggests that the priest might have been set off by either a store clerk or shopper asking him to put a mask on. While it is unclear when the incident occurred, the video was uploaded to Reddit on Wednesday.

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The priest begins to kick the masked shopper as someone else in the store records. The shopper tries to block his kicks but is pushed back by the priest, who is now using his hands.

The incident appears to have taken place in Colombia. The supermarket chain they are in has locations all along the country’s west coast, though it remains unclear where exactly in Colombia the incident took place.

Redditors did not hold back in the comments section of the video. “A man of the cloth. Just not that cloth," one user wrote.

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*First Published: Dec 30, 2020, 6:10 pm