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12 must-see music documentaries on Netflix

Get your playlist ready.

On Jan 19, 2019 by Audra Schroeder

netflix springsteen on broadway review

The Boss tears down his myths on Netflix’s ‘Springsteen on Broadway’

Bruce Springsteen looks back on his own life and his music.

On Dec 11, 2018 by Michelle Jaworski

Bruce Springsteen and Donald Trump

Journalist takes down Trump using only Bruce Springsteen lyrics

Bruce Springsteen’s “Atlantic City” might be the perfect theme song for the Trump administration.

On Nov 1, 2017 by David Britton

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Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Harry Potter’ song has dropped on Soundcloud

It’s called ‘I’ll Stand By You Always.’

On Feb 11, 2017 by Josh Katzowitz

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Bruce Springsteen hails Women’s March as ‘the new American resistance’

‘We stand with you.’

On Jan 23, 2017 by Michelle Jaworski

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Bruce Springsteen cover band pulls out of New Jersey inauguration gig

The B Street Band is out.

On Jan 16, 2017 by Audra Schroeder

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Bruce Springsteen secretly wrote a song for the ‘Harry Potter’ movies

We wish we knew what it sounded like.

On Oct 21, 2016 by Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

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Chris Christie busts out his dad dance moves at Springsteen concert

This is the pure essence of Chris Christie.

On Apr 26, 2016 by Jay Hathaway

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Judd Apatow pays tribute to Garry Shandling on Instagram

The picture with Apatow, Shandling, and the Boss is a classic.

On Mar 28, 2016 by Josh Katzowitz

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Lost David Bowie recording showcases his Springsteen, Neil Young impersonations

The recording wasn’t released until after Bowie’s death.

On Jan 21, 2016 by Michelle Jaworski

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Jimmy Fallon impersonates Springsteen, McCartney, Bowie in latest #Ham4Ham

You haven’t lived till you’ve heard ‘You’ll Be Back’ as sung by Rufus Wainwright.

On Jan 20, 2016 by Aja Romano

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Chris Christie’s old posts on Springsteen fan forums uncovered

You’ll be surprised what he had to say.

On Sep 2, 2015 by Feliks Garcia

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Jon Stewart departs ‘The Daily Show’ with cameos aplenty and a warning about bulls**t

‘Here it is—my Moment of Zen.’

On Aug 7, 2015 by Michelle Jaworski

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Bruce Springsteen returned to his old NJ stomping grounds for a surprise concert

Concert-goers had no idea what they were about to experience.

On Jul 20, 2015 by Michelle Jaworski

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‘Slug Solos’ imagines a world where rock stars play giant slugs

This is art.

On Jul 30, 2014 by Miles Klee

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