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Chris Christie busts out his dad dance moves at Springsteen concert

This is the pure essence of Chris Christie.


Jay Hathaway

Internet Culture

Chris Christie has inhabited many roles in his time: athlete, attorney, candy-lover, bridge-closing governor, dad, Internet fun-haver, and Trump toady

Through it all, two things have remained consistent. One, he is a dorky guy from New Jersey. Two, he loves Bruce Springsteen, even if Bruce doesn’t love him back. Shouting along at a Springsteen show Monday night, Christie did a dance that encapsulates all of these qualities perfectly—the dance of his people.

Christie has attended more than 100 Springsteen concerts in his lifetime, but these are the clips that finally connect his fraught history as a Bruce fanboy with his reputation as the embodiment of Dad Dancing.

There could not be a dadder, more New Jersey man or dance than the one witnessed Monday night. After a years-long process of becoming, it’s finally here: the Christie singularity.

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How much more Christie could this be? None. None more Christie.

Update 3:04pm CT: Christie also sang along with “Purple Rain,” which the Boss opened with as a tribute to Prince. In case you were wondering.


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