Sam Forester tweet(l), Book cover art(r)

‘You did what now?’: White author boasts secret summer of Blackface produced ‘most important book ever written’

He said it’s the most important book on race ever written.

On May 29, 2024 by Katherine Huggins

Parents of 9-year-old Chiefs fan threaten to sue Deadspin over ‘blackface’ claim

Parents of young Chiefs fan accused of ‘blackface’ demand retraction, threaten defamation lawsuit against Deadspin

‘It is not enough to quietly remove a tweet from X or disable the article from Deadspin’s website.’

On Dec 4, 2023 by Mikael Thalen

The exterior of Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. Arrowhead Stadium is home to the Kansas City Chiefs of the NFL.

‘Nick Sandmann 2.0′: A kid in Chiefs’ gear was accused of wearing Blackface—and instantly became a far-right hero

‘Hope this kid sues the f*ck out of this site and the author for defamation.’

On Nov 28, 2023 by Mikael Thalen

woman speaking with caption ''Racist! Terrible!'' (l) image of Dylan Mulvaney with caption '*WomanFace*' (c) woman speaking with caption ''Stunning & Brave'' (r)

‘My jaw is still on the floor’: Woman met with outrage after comparing trans women to blackface

‘The reach of the century.’

On Aug 29, 2023 by Tricia Crimmins

Judy Garland and Ray Bolger singing

‘Shoutout to Gen Z for teaching me this’: Why Judy Garland in blackface is suddenly trending

Many were quick to contextualize Judy Garland’s blackface performance. The discourse has led many to question users’ priorities.

On Aug 19, 2023 by Adrienne Hunter

Teenagers at store dressed in blackface as inmates caption 'Last Night in Cedar City, UTAH' 'do you guys understand the consequences of what you've just done' (l) Teenagers at store dressed in blackface as inmates caption 'Last Night in Cedar City, UTAH' 'if I still don't think it's appropriate for you guys to be doing this' (c) Teenagers at store dressed in blackface as inmates caption 'Last Night in Cedar City, UTAH' 'you guys are not gonna get in scholarship because this is a hate crime' (r)

‘You guys are not going to get into college’: Teens called out for blackface inmate costumes at Walmart

‘You are going to have to live with these consequences.’

On Nov 2, 2022 by Tricia Crimmins

Homepage article image

‘He knew what he was doing’: Video of young person in alleged blackface at Six Flags draws heavy criticism

‘Similar thing happened to me and my siblings when we went to Six Flags, airdropped photos and all.’

On Oct 18, 2022 by Brooke Sjoberg

two young women, one in blackface, dancing (l&r) shocked young woman (c)

‘Literally no way she can say it’s just a tan’: College student accused of doing blackface in dance video


On Oct 13, 2022 by Tricia Crimmins

Michele Zan posing in mirror selfie (l) FKA Twigs and Michele sitting together in seat public transport (r)

FKA twigs called out for featuring a Black man with darkened skin in her latest music video

‘I love FKA Twigs but I can’t defend her on this.’

On May 10, 2022 by Michelle Jaworski

black creators react to blackface hype house

‘No words’: ‘Blackface Hype House’ TikTok account taken down after Black creators call out racist posts

It’s unclear if the account was banned or voluntarily removed.

On Nov 16, 2021 by Cecilia Lenzen

man in blackface

‘Doing Blackface yourself as a way to mock him is still racist’: Man wearing ‘Trudeau black face’ costume sparks outrage on TikTok

‘Black face is NEVER okay..’

On Nov 1, 2021 by Clara Wang

A woman looking into camera (L) and a woman putting on makeup (R).

‘People really wanna be us’: Chinese influencer puts on blackface makeup in viral video

She called herself ‘Wakanda queen.’

On Nov 1, 2021 by Tricia Crimmins

Lauren Pefferle, a staff member at an Oregon elementary school, wore blackface to protest a vaccine mandate.

‘I’m representing Rosa Parks’: School aide rationalizes wearing blackface to protest vaccine mandate on conservative podcast

‘I feel segregated because I am unvaccinated.’

On Sep 26, 2021 by Tricia Crimmins

Screenshots of Czech Republic dance group with face painted Maori face tattoos on the left and performing a 'Bollywood Haka' dance fusion to the right

‘That is truly awful cultural appropriation’: White dancers accused of blackface, slammed for doing ‘Bollywood Haka’ dance

‘Some peak white supremacy right here.’

On Jun 11, 2021 by Jennifer Xia


Chinese TV’s New Year gala goes viral for racist segment that featured dancers in blackface

‘[N]ot the first time, and extremely disappointing to see.’

On Feb 12, 2021 by Kahron Spearman

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