imagine telling them to use a qr code


There’s a specific type of person who would not be okay using QR codes—at least according to the internet 

A new meme has developed out of our modern menu trends.


Mike Hadge

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A lot changed in the aftermath of the 2020 lockdown, especially at restaurants. One of the most significant changes has been the move away from full physical menus and toward QR-code-prompted digital menus.

“Imagine telling them they have to use a QR code”

You know the drill: you sit down and go okay, can’t wait to go through that menu! You look around only to notice no menu is to be found. You briefly panic and think “oh no, did I accidentally go to the tables-only store again?” Then you see it: a little black-dotted box taped to your table. You scan it. The menu appears on your phone and you squint your way to formulating an order. 

Well, such a technological adjustment isn’t that easy for some factions of the population, and the internet has recently acknowledged these, let’s say, more traditional folks. (See also: technologically challenged.)

How have they been acknowledged? Through memes of fictional characters, of course.

People who would not be okay using a QR code

Let’s take a stroll down the list of some of the best examples of characters who most likely would not be caught dead scanning a QR code at their local eatery. 

The trend seemingly started with a photo of Tony Soprano’s mother, Livia (Nancy Marchand), who, yeah, perfect choice. 

From there, the anti-QR-ers came fast and hard. 

Thanks, internet for such a choice selection—and we didn’t even need to scan a QR code to see it! Who would you add to the list?

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