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The iconic Oompa Loompa from the Glasgow ‘Willy Wonka experience’ is now on Cameo

'I'm still holding out for the The Unknown to be an option.'


Allie Hayes

Pop Culture

Posted on Mar 5, 2024

ICYMI (in which case…how?), an event touted as an immersive “Willy Wonka experience” in Glasgow has been all over the news (and newsfeed) as of late thanks to its absolute absurdity. 

The experience, which allegedly advertised itself using all AI art, has captured the attention of millions online for just how terrible it turned out. Where paying guests were promised an “enchanted garden” filled with “giant sweets, vibrant blooms, mysterious-looking sculptures, and magical surprises,” they instead found poorly-hung posters and sparse decorations.

Also, there was zero chocolate. No chocolate. In a chocolate factory. I will never be over this detail.

Reportedly, the event was so horrible, it prompted many parents to “call the police” to get refunds, and the entire thing left many of the children in attendance “in tears”:

The internet ran with the whole thing, creating endless memes around the situation, and making somewhat stars of those involved with the project overnight. One of the breakouts from these memes has been the Oompa Loompa, whose forlorn photo you’ve no doubt seen posted all over your timeline.

Along with the mysterious Unknown, the (sometimes) lone Oompa Loompa was no doubt a favorite for meme fodder:

Since the event went viral, the Oompa Loompa (Kirsty Paterson) has spoken out about their side of everything, telling Vulture in an exclusive interview, “They’d told us to abandon the script.”:

Well, as of this week, Kirsty is now on Cameo as that very oompa Loompa! That’s right, for $25 you can request anything from a “pep talk” to a “roast” from the internet’s favorite jelly bean distributor. Anyway, news of Kirsty’s Cameo account was quickly posted on X:

And you better believe users were quick with the jokes:

In short, I think we can all agree:

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*First Published: Mar 5, 2024, 12:25 pm CST