normalize naming your children after something you love

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‘Normalize naming your kids after something you love’: Viral parenting meme encourages odd name choices for babies

Normalize naming your kids whatever you want.


Angela Andaloro

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Naming your kids is a big move. There’s a lot of pressure to pick something that will stand the test of time. Some people go the classic route. Some people look for something new and modern. Others, they go for something sentimental.

In fact, there’s a whole corner of TikTok that’s advocating for people to normalize naming your kids after something you love. Sounds sweet, right? It does, until you keep in mind that the same corner of TikTok also normalizes loving just about everything.

From your Starbucks order to retired Taco Bell menu items to DC comic characters to vapes and SSRIs, they’ve shown there are truly no limits to where this meme can go. As a result, some of the suggested baby names, as close to the heart as they may be, don’t quite roll off the tongue.

The meaning of “Normalize Naming Your Kids”

Normalize naming your kids memes take the phrase and apply it to different themes. Some common examples are albums, movies, TV shows, and fandoms. All of them have something in common — being things you love (or love trolling).

Of course, the “naming” aspect gets pretty creative from there. The second half of the meme typically contains a maliciously compliant example of that theme.

Naming your kids after something you love? Meet my son, Peanut Butter-covered Oreos. Naming your kids after your favorite Friends character? Nice to meet you, little Regina Phalange.

“Normalize Naming Your Kids” Meme origins

Memes joking about how trendy kids’ names can sound started gaining popularity a few years back. In comic format, there would be jokes about kids named Khalessi (from Game of Thrones) or Shuri (from Black Panther).

The format evolved over time, with increasingly ridiculous names now serving as the punchline rather than the things that inspire them.

“Normalize Naming Your Kids After Things You Love” examples

The meme is currently taking over social media, particularly X:

And of course TikTok:

@kayleyvalentine Little diet coke junior 🫶🏼 #dietcoke #foryoupage #normalize #babynames ♬ belly conklin x brazil – gracie
@cat_alinnnaa 🌶️🌶️ #humor #relateable #trend #fyp #fypage #viral #fypシ゚viral #momtok ♬ i was only temporary (Slowed + Reverb) – my head is empty
@glizgirl_ Will let your memory live on 💜 #mcdonalds #fyp #snackwrap #mdw ♬ wash – favsoundds
@alenacorreale_ too precious🥹 #fyp #fypシ #fypシ゚viral ♬ wash – favsoundds

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