How Moms danced in the 80s TikTok trend

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‘They just vibe’: TikTok’s moms are showcasing how they danced in the ‘80s 

The delightful new trend has all the right moves.


Mike Hadge

Pop Culture

Posted on May 10, 2024

There are conversations every child must inevitably have with their mother at some point. “How did you and dad meet?” “Where do babies come from?,” and, of course, “How did you dance in the ‘80s?”

A recent TikTok trend seeks to answer just that, as users are asking their mothers to demonstrate how they danced in the 1980s and posting the results, all set to Bronski Beat’s 1984 track, “Smalltown Boy.”

@lilikoihoneyy 😂 80s dance moves #80s #fyp #80sdancemoves ♬ original sound – Tiktok / IG strategy 🚀
@mariajeannn #momdancechallenge #80smusic #80s #momsoftiktok #momsdancing ♬ original sound – Tiktok / IG strategy 🚀

“Show me your dance moves from the 80’s” my mom turned 61 today!

♬ original sound – Tiktok / IG strategy 🚀

And I’m no Bruno Tonioli, but some of these moms’ moves are truly stellar:

@mmolllyy #80s #80smusic #80sdance ♬ original sound – Tiktok / IG strategy 🚀

As it turns out, ‘80s dancing isn’t just for moms. Dads could cut quite the rug as well: 

@savannahhkaddouri 80s boogie man #fyp #80sdancechallenge #80s #80sdance #dad #dancing #fypシ゚viral #fypage #foru #foryoupage #dance #80schallenge #80smusic @bederkaddouri ♬ original sound – Tiktok / IG strategy 🚀

This seems to be the rare internet trend that is, purely, spreading joy. Just look at the comments and you’ll see encouraging responses, like, ‘SHE WAS THAT GIRL!!’ Another commenter stated, ‘All of these 80s dance videos of moms make me so happy.’

‘So I’m learning the 80s had no actual dance moves lol. They just vibe,’ remarked another.

The trend has even moved over to X, where users are talking about how much they appreciate the videos on TikTok:

Everyone’s having a great time! You can check out more of this delightful ever-expanding TikTok subgenre here.

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*First Published: May 10, 2024, 2:30 pm CDT