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‘Everybody in the crowd start bouncing’: This song by a bunch of Irish children is your new summer bop

‘Found My Spark’ is lighting up the internet.


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Are you dancing right now? It’s probably to this song. 

Something is happening in the city of Cork, Ireland. A certain energy has been concocted and some Cork children are currently “tell[ing us] all about it.” That energy may well in fact be a whole damn—dare I say—spark!

@hospitalrecords “I searched for my spark and I found it” 🔥🗣️ 🔉: The Spark by Kabin Crew & Lisdoonvarna Crew #CruinniuNaNog  – an initiative of @creativeireland, supported by @RTÉ One  @Garry / GMCBeats @The Kabin Studio Cork  #dnb #drumandbass #electronicmusic #ireland #edm #bass ♬ original sound – Hospital Records

“Found My Spark” by Kabin Crew and Lidsoonvarna Crew (with beats by GMC Beats) dropped on TikTok last week and the reactions are what you might expect. 

Taking place inside a very specific dance club for children, “Found My Spark” was created as part of Cruinniú na nÓg, Europe’s national free day of creativity for young people, which really, if this song is any indication, should be every single day.

The song was meant to launch the annual event, which takes place on June 15, featuring over 1,000 free activities. The whole thing is an anthem encouraging us to find our spark. However, however, when theorizing whether we think we can do what they do, the Crew spits “I doubt it.” That is a very mixed message, children!  

Regardless, this bop is spreading like Irish potato fire, racking up millions of views across platforms. TikTok’s response has been unanimously positive:


The Kabin Crew even appeared on Irish radio station RedFM, the #1 radio station in Cork, to show that yes, indeed, they also slap live. 

@hospitalrecords Kabin Crew blasting out ‘The Spark’ live on @RedFM 👏 @The Kabin Studio Cork @Garry / GMCBeats @Swan @PapaPedro Beats @creativeireland  #dnb #drumandbass #ireland #cork #electronicmusic #radio #rave #ravers ♬ original sound – Hospital Records

Across the internet, people don’t quite know what to do with this development: 

@jamesdoylefitness THINK YOU CAN DO WHAT WE DO? I DOUBT IT #irish #corkkids #corksong ♬ original sound – Hospital Records
@thatguybillosh Yup cork bai #irishtiktok ♬ original sound – Hospital Records

crazy track 🔥

♬ original sound – Hospital Records

Ultimately, the truly enlightened among us are taking “Found My Spark” into their daily lives, embracing its power over our respective summers, and the concept of music as a whole. 

@itsthelifeofrobyn0 This SLAPS 🇮🇪 up cork bai #thesparksong #cork #corkcity ♬ original sound – DnB District

In other news: all other music artists just quit today. There’s just no point anymore. Pack it in, Fetty Wap.

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