After Lizard Squad attacks, Sony extends PlayStation Plus memberships 5 days

Close Up of PlayStation 4

Finally, there’s some good news PlayStation gamers.

Finally, there’s some good news PlayStation gamers. Sony will be giving all PlayStation Plus members a five-day extension of their membership in response to Lizard Squad‘s recent cyberattacks that brought down Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network over the Christmas holiday.

As detailed in a recent PlayStation Blog post, Eric Lempel, vice president of Sony Entertainment Network, users will also be sent a discount code to get 10 percent off their purchases. 

A date has not been set as to when the extensions would be enacted or when discount codes would be sent out, but it will be sometime this month.

It’s not a bad time to extend PlayStation Plus subscriptions, as January’s free game lineup is looking rather stellar.

Given the recent arrest made to an alleged Lizard Squad hacker, Vinnie Omari, perhaps PlayStation gamers are the ones getting the last laugh after all. 

H/T PlayStation Blog | Photo via Chip Sillesa

Imad Khan

Imad Khan

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