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Chris Colfer’s manager confirmed that his account got hacked.

Chris Colfer’s manager has confirmed that an earlier tweet from the actor announcing his exit from Glee was due to a Twitter hack, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Earlier today, Colfer tweeted that he was “let go” from the show, which is now entering its sixth and final season, due to personal issues.

Prior to that, Colfer hadn’t made any mention of it on his Twitter account, and he’s about to start a nationwide book tour for The Land of Stories: A Grimm Warning on Monday.

His manager quickly denied that Colfer was leaving Glee, calling it a hack and saying that Colfer was on a transatlantic flight with no access to Wi-Fi. 20th Century Fox TV also confirmed that Colfer would be in the show’s sixth season, which is set to start filming at the end of the month.

“We’ve been alerted that Chris Colfer’s Twitter account has been hacked. Rumors of his dismissal from Glee could not be further from the truth,” the statement, obtained by TVLine, said. “We love Chris and look forward to working with him again this season.”

In the approximately 20 minutes between Colfer’s tweet and the updated article from the Hollywood Reporter, many fans were in a panic awaiting an explanation from Colfer while others didn’t even know that the show was still on the air.

For Glee fans, while news of a hack might normally be a hindrance, it’s a reason for them to celebrate. Their favorite actor will still be on the show they love.

However, it’s entirely possible that it all could’ve been a publicity stunt. Colfer’s tweet only just got deleted, and it’s not the first time that a verified account faked a hack on Twitter for publicity.

Glee will come back for its final season some time next year.

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