Baby Yoda was just added to Sims 4


Two universes collided when Baby Yoda entered the world of The Sims with the latest The Sims 4 update.

This year “The Child,” or more commonly referred to as Baby Yoda, went from a Disney+ character to the cutest meme of 2019. Now, Sims fans are rejoicing after Baby Yoda was debuted as a statute on Thursday. Sims VIP, a Sims content guide, reported that Baby Yoda is now featured in the new update.

“Officially dead. They added Baby Yoda to The Sims 4,” Sims VIP tweeted.

Baby Yoda originates from the Star Wars series on Disney+ called The Mandalorian.

“The Child Statute” sells for 504 simoleons, which is the currency in the game and can be bought in “buy mode,” according to Sims VIP.

“Players: But what about children? Sims: We love The Child too,” Sims producer Dave Miotke tweeted.


Sims players are reacting ecstatically on Twitter about the newest meme sensation being added.

“Yay!! Haven’t watched The Mandalorian, or at least not yet, but Baby Yoda must be one of the cutest critters that 2019 has added to pop culture,” Twitter user @ThisOneHuman wrote.


H/T Sims VIP 

Libby Cohen

Libby Cohen

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