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‘YOU NEED TO ASK FOR DOLLARITAS’: Applebee’s customers thought they were ordering $1 margaritas. They found out they weren’t when the bill came

'Not us thinking we got the $1 margaritas.'


Jack Alban


Posted on Oct 20, 2023

The Applebee’s dollarita can be a dangerously tempting boozy deal for those with a penchant for knocking drinks back with ease.

When the chain announced the $1 margarita was returning, it highlighted in its advertising how fans of the drink clamored for its return.

After returning, the deal went viral on social media. Applebee’s employees showed folks how the beverage is made, and customers shared their experiences partaking in the deal. (Here’s a guide on how to order the dollarita.)

Not everyone has had a pleasant experience, however. One TikToker says she learned the hard way that you have to specifically ask for the $1 margaritas, or the dollaritas, in order to get the deal.

Danielle (@danielanndd) and her friend visited an Applebee’s location and thought they were ordering dollaritas the whole time. They found out they were, in fact, not when the bill arrived at their table. “Not us thinking we got the $1 margaritas,” the text overlay on the video, which was viewed 4 million times, reads.

The customers laugh as they look at the bill, which came out to $70.55 for 10 wings, an order of fries, and several regular margaritas that are priced at $7.50 each.

Had they specifically asked for the dollaritas, the grand total of their bill would’ve come out to $23.48, or $26.48, depending on whether or not they opted for flavored dollaritas.

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Commenters told Danielle that they either did or almost did make the same mistake when they visited Applebee’s. They stated that customers need to specify to their server they want the dollarita. “You have to ask them for the dollar margaritas ! Went the other day and almost made this same mistake until I asked about the dollaritas,” one person wrote.


“Happened to me. Went to happy hour with wife for two $5, bill was $40 for two margaritas. We even asked for the special at 1pm,” another customer claimed.

An Applebee’s worker claimed in a viral TikTok that there is virtually no difference between the regular margarita and the dollaritas and that dollaritas are made with the chain’s “house” margarita mix. According to the chain’s website, the dollaritas is made up of lime juice, triple sec, and tequila—a recipe that Food & Wine reports differs from Applebee’s last iteration, as it didn’t include triple sec.

The worker also claimed that in some locations, customers are cut off after three drinks. According to the server, the promotion also ends after 9pm, when they go up to $3 a drink during the restaurant’s half-off appetizers happy hour.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Applebee’s via email and to Danielle via TikTok comment for further information.

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*First Published: Oct 20, 2023, 11:59 am CDT