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‘I think they’re just giving me random tasks to fill my time’: Worker questions whether she’s the ‘pity hire’ after getting asked to clean already-clean parking lot

‘I can’t actually do anything.’


Phil West


A worker wondered if she was the “pity hire” after being assigned to clean a parking lot that didn’t especially appear to need cleaning.

The TikTok video pondering this question was created by New Zealand-based TikToker @heyritamae. It garnered more than 240,000 likes since Sunday.

She showcased herself at a job in which she has to clean a parking lot that appeared, according to the video she shot, to already be immaculate.

Wondering if she was the company’s “pity hire,” she noted, “They’re like literally giving me, like, I think, they’re just giving me the most random tasks to fill my time at this point because I can’t actually do anything.”

@heyritamae definitely a pity hire but i’ll take it #girlboss #getmearecorddeal #pityhire #ritamae ♬ karma sped up – ✨️j &lt3 ✨️

She noted, “I’m right now cleaning up the rubbish.”

The camera pans to a perfectly clean (but large) parking lot.

“It’s so f*cking clean,” she marveled.

The last bit of the video has her finding a stray cigarette butt and picking it up.

Commenters affirmed her.

“Easy money, slay bestie,” someone remarked.

“It looks so clean!” exclaimed another. “You’re doing an A++ job”

“As long as the check clears,” someone else said.

“Cleanest car park I’ve ever seen,” another marveled.

“You did such a good job of making it clean though,” one commenter praised.

“You’ve done a great job,” another complimented her.

She responded to that comment with thanks.

Some were prompted to look a little inward.

“My last job was definitely a pity hire and it was the easiest job ever,” one reflected. “I was just there for the drama at the end.”

“I’m wishing you the best but it sounds like they’re going to get rid of your position,” someone else warned.

But someone else relayed it could be the first rung up the ladder.

“I went from turning the same nuts in assembly all day to head of QC in less than a year, most jobs will start like that.”

The Daily Dot reached out to @heyritamae via TikTok comment.

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