Restaurant worker exposes walk-in fridge conditions.


‘This is ginger dressing, bro. Why is it in a trash can?’: Restaurant worker exposes walk-in fridge conditions. Then she quit

'I've been in a kitchen like that & the restaurant is 'highly recommended.''


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Posted on Aug 4, 2023   Updated on Aug 4, 2023, 11:00 am CDT

“A lawless wasteland of cross-contamination,” felt like the appropriate title card for TikTok user @uglytimbit’s latest video, which is at 72,000 views as of Monday morning. In it, she exposes her most recent restaurant by showing the status of its walk-in fridge

“Dawg, you telling me this is sanitary?” she questions, showing a video of various tubs of uncovered food. “Look at these shelves,” she remarks as she punches on metal shelves covered in a slathering of unidentifiable goo. “You think that’s sanitary? The chicken right underneath that.” 

@uglytimbit the walk-in at a job i recently quit. no dates, no coverings, just a lawless wasteland of cross contamination. #fyp #foryou #xyzbca #serverlife #restaurant #gross ♬ original sound – uglytimbit

The chef-d’oeuvre of disgust finally comes when @uglytimbit shows a grimy trash can filled with salad dressing.

“This is ginger dressing, bro.  Why is it in a trash can?” she says. The TikToker even gave users a location for this restaurant but didn’t call it out by name: “A sushi spot in GSO, NC.” she replied in the comments.  So, If you ever find yourself in Greensboro, North Carolina with a hankering for a spicy tuna roll, beware.

Users in the comments were unanimously in agreement about the horrifying display of bacterial infestation. 

“That’s legitimately like 8 different health code violations just in that walk-in,” one user wrote.

Another said, “It looks something that could be in a horror movie omggg.”

One TikToker asked the question that would be on anyone’s mind when viewing this video, “Is no one coming to check in on this place? I’ve never worked anywhere that didn’t get checked out by the health dept. like how does this slide?” 

Luckily, @uglytimbit mentioned she already quit her job at the sushi spot.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a significant shift in the American workforce, often referred to as ‘The Great Resignation.’ More than 50 million workers chose to leave their jobs in 2022, seeking better work-life balance, flexibility, higher pay, and positive company culture.

However, there’s a subtler trend at play known as the ‘Great Reshuffle,’ where hiring rates have consistently been higher than quit rates since November 2020, meaning cycles of workers leaving one job only to be quickly hired in another.

This trend is particularly evident in the restaurant industry. Jobs that require physical presence and traditionally offer lower wages have been disproportionately affected by this pandemic-induced shift. For instance, the Accommodation and Food Services sector has experienced a consistent quit rate of over 4.9% since July 2021. Similarly, the Retail Trade industry has seen quit rates hovering around 3.3% in 2023, both exceeding the national average quit rate of 2.6% as of March 2023.  

On the flip side, hiring has remained robust. The Leisure and Hospitality sector, despite losing a million workers in March 2023, managed to hire 1.1 million new employees in the same month. This sector has consistently maintained the highest hiring rate among all industries since November 2020, fluctuating between 6.7 to 9%, in contrast to the national hiring rate of 4% by June 2023.

With more access to job-hunting sites, work-from-home opportunities, and social media exposure, it’s no shock that @uglytimbit quit this job. According to the labor numbers in the restaurant sector, she has plenty of other opportunities for a cleaner, safer work environment.

One user offered a suggestion, “Please report them to the health department this can seriously get someone sick, even if you don’t work there anymore!”

At the very least, maybe she could stitch a video with @GordonRamsay and see if he could offer some advice.

The DailyDot has reached out to @uglytimbit via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Aug 4, 2023, 10:59 am CDT