woman speaking on green couch with caption 'I just blocked my boss so he couldn't contact me while I wasn't at work' (l) woman speaking on green couch with caption 'I'm at home sick from work today' (c) woman speaking on green couch with caption 'and for some reason he felt the need to text me about work tasks' (r)


‘He knows not to text my personal number’: Worker blocks her boss after he contacts her on day off

‘And that’s on keeping your mental health in check and drawing some healthy boundaries.’


Maya Wray


A woman shared how she established workplace boundaries after her boss kept texting her after work hours.

Canadian-based TikToker Vanessa (@wealthxlab) said in a viral TikTok that even after she called out sick from work, her boss texted her about a workplace assignment. It wasn’t the first time he did so, Vanessa told the Daily Dot in an interview. 

“I just blocked my boss so he couldn’t contact me while I wasn’t at work,” she revealed in the TikTok, which has been viewed 1 million times since being posted on Feb. 23. “For some context, I actually pay $45 a month to have a separate work phone.”

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Vanessa’s actions sparked support and empathy from viewers, with some sharing their own experiences being contacted outside of work hours. “One time I threw my back out and couldn’t work and the day I did it my boss was harassing me to find someone to cover my shift,” one recalled.

“I called sick one time and they called me three times during one day,” another said.

Many applauded Vanessa for setting healthy workplace boundaries. “Girl, all of mine are blocked because they don’t respect anyone’s boundaries. Love to see it!” one user wrote.

“And that’s on keeping your mental health in check and drawing some healthy boundaries,” another said.

One user suggested Vanessa contact her company’s human resources department about her boss’ behavior, saying it was unnecessary for him to have her personal phone number. “It’s a smaller company, so we actually don’t have any HR,” she replied.

According to CTV News, a law was passed in June 2022 that allows Ontario-based employees to ignore workplace communications outside of work hours. In response to a comment pointing out the law, Vanessa responded: “Hopefully that will be a Canada wide law soon!” 

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