Lawyer explains why they'd never use self-checkout

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‘If you screw up self-checkout, you go to jail’: Lawyer explains why they’d never use self-checkout

'People run out of Best Buy with tvs and I’m getting arrested for not scanning a loaf of bread.'


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Posted on Nov 19, 2023   Updated on Nov 19, 2023, 8:33 am CST

Over the past few years, self-checkout machines have become incredibly popular. According to RetailDive, “Self-checkout now comprises nearly 40% of grocery checkout options,” and “the number of self-checkout lanes in the U.S. has increased by 10% in the last five years.”

However, these machines are not without their issues. Shoppers have reported problems like buggy software, and some businesses have even begun manning their self-checkouts with staff, seemingly negating the purpose of a self-checkout.

For reasons like these and others, many businesses are beginning to rethink their self-checkout policy. Per CBS News, “Booths, a British supermarket chain, said it’s removing self-checkout stations in all but two of its 28 stores. In the United States, Walmart, Costco, Wegmans and other chains have also revised their self-checkout strategies.”

While the machines are still here, however, a lawyer has advised that shoppers do not use them. In a video with over 2 million views as of Sunday, he explains why.

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When prompted with the question of what he would “never do” since becoming a lawyer, the attorney quickly responds with “self-checkout.”

“If you screw up self-checkout, you go to jail for shoplifting,” he explains. “If you go through a normal checkout line and they check you out, they get in trouble if they miss an item. So, why take that risk?”

The lawyer then says that he sees “too many people now get prosecuted for self-checkout shopping.” While some in the comments section did not believe such a claim, there are several documented cases of this happening. For example, one user on TikTok claimed that Walmart banned them for life and pressed charges against them after they forgot to scan an item worth less than $2.

In the comments of the original video, users shared their distaste for self-checkout machines.

“Store employee: ‘mam self checkout is open’….. me: ‘oh… I don’t work here :),’” a user wrote.

“I’d rather not do self checkout, but sometimes there are no cashiers,” stated another.

“Counter lawsuit… I wasn’t trained properly!!” joked a third.

That said, some said they are happy to use self-checkout, no matter the potential issues it may cause.

“I’ll take that risk rather than having to talk to someone,” offered a commenter.

“I’m so much faster than the paid checkers,” claimed a second.

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*First Published: Nov 19, 2023, 9:00 am CST