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‘I kept mine up for 2 weeks cause I was so scared’: Tint installer tells customer not to roll down windows for 3 days. They roll them down while leaving the lot

'Still bubbles in them a month later.'


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Posted on May 14, 2024   Updated on May 14, 2024, 11:46 am CDT

Trigger warning for professional window tinters: watching Darrion Strickland’s (@Isa_papi) recent TikTok that’s accumulated over 1.2 million views may make you wince in pain.

That depends on how seriously you take “no roll down” periods following a tint job on a vehicle. Judging from the commenters who responded to his viral clip, it would appear that different folks have varying opinions on this precautionary measure.

“Me: Don’t roll the windows down for 3 days,” one portion of the text overlay reads in Strickland’s viral clip. According to the next line of typical dialogue penned by Strickland, customers almost always verbally agree to this advice, however, they don’t always follow it.

“Customer: bet!” the next text overlay reads.

The third overlay intimates that Strickland’s clients don’t necessarily always follow this advice, however. “Watch till the end,” he writes as the clip shows a Ford Mustang GT reversing out of what appears to be a garage.

As the car backs out, everything seems to be going just fine. The deep black tints on the vehicle present a sleek look and it’s difficult to see whoever is in the whip. As the 27-second clip progresses, the customer seems to follow the 72-hour rule. That is, right up until the very end of the video where as they begin to pull away, they lower the front passenger’s window and start to drive away.

Strickland writes in a caption for the video that he’s sure other window tint installers have felt similar pains in dealing with clients who don’t adhere to their advice.

“All my window tint installers! I know you can relate!” the caption reads.

Other window-tinting customers weigh in

One commenter shared how the window-tinting shop they went to provided a helpful reminder to not roll down their windows in the days after they went in for service. “My tint guy covered my window buttons with a big sticker that said the date I could roll them down again. It was so insanely helpful,” they said.

It seems that other people who, out of force of habit, accidentally rolled down their windows, too. “I rolled mines down after my tint job by mistake just because it’s a habit. I was so nervous I messed it up but they are good still more than 5 years later,” one user claimed.

“I roll my window down every time i drive, it’s muscle memory atp,” another said.

“Lmao was the worst 2 days of my life when I tinted my jeep. Im a 4 windows down plus the moon roof at all times miss that jeep,” a third penned.

But other folks said they were a bit more punctilious when it came to ensuring they weren’t rolling down their windows after having them tinted.

“Just got 5% all around and 35% windshield. I have couple days left until I can roll windows down,” one user said. “I’m not rolling them down cuz I’m too scared because of how much money I spent.”

Still, some commenters argued that waiting to roll down windows isn’t a necessary precaution. “My tint guy rolls your windows down before you leave cause he said if you gotta wait you can’t tint good,” one claimed.

Strickland explained that different modes of thought come with window tinting and the reason he tells customers to not roll down their windows is to provide a warranty on his work. “I roll them up and down my self but it’s recommended to just let the sit a few days without doing it to cure everyone has different opinions on it,” he said. “I do it for warranty purposes.”

How long should you wait to roll down windows after tinting?

According to The Tint Pros, it’s a good idea to exercise some caution when rolling down one’s freshly tinted windows so the material has more time to adhere to the window’s surface. The company writes: “The amount of time you have to wait before rolling down your car windows after tinting varies and depends on several factors such as the size of your car windows, how sunny it is outside, and other environmental conditions. In most cases though, you should wait at least 3-4 days before rolling down your windows. This ensures that the tint adheres to the glass properly and is set in place. If you roll them down too soon, you risk deforming or damaging the tint – something nobody wants after investing good money into their car’s windows.”

@lsa_papi All my window tint installers! I know you can relate! #tint #funny #fypage ♬ Not Like Us – Kendrick Lamar

In fact, the company suggests customers “exercise caution” when interacting with their windows upon having them tinted, meaning that they shouldn’t roll their windows “too quickly” and them “leav[ing] them rolled down for an extended period of time…can cause stress on the tint.”

The business added that drivers should be safe to roll down their windows a week after tinting without fear of damaging the job.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Strickland via TikTok comment for further information.

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*First Published: May 14, 2024, 5:00 pm CDT