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‘I could buy the entire Forever 21 store’: Depop seller called out for price-gouging after making Sabrina Carpenter’s special occasion dress

‘Depop sellers must be stopped’


Grace Fowler


Posted on May 14, 2024

A creator on TikTok posted a viral video calling out Depop sellers for overpricing their items. And now a major pop star is getting roped into the discourse.

Trending pop star Sabrina Carpenter recently celebrated her 25th birthday and posted to Instagram a recap of her party. A TikTok user, Jules (@julesberg), quickly went to social media after Carpenter’s post saying the dress that Carpenter wore to her party was her own.

Jules says she sold the dress to Carpenter off of Depop just days before. She has reached over 3 million views and 520,000 likes on her video by Tuesday. 

Sabrina Carpenter sparks Depop controversy

To start her video, Jules shows a screenshot of a message she received on Depop a few days prior. The message reads, “Hi! If I purchase this could I pay extra to have it overnighted to NYC? Would need it for a bday Saturday!”

At first, Jules says that she wasn’t in town at the time so she “politely declined.” After she declines, she says the messenger responded, “BTW, I’m a stylist for Sabrina Carpenter, she wants to wear this for her twenty-fifth birthday.” 

Jules says she got her sister who was in town to find the dress and send out the package to Carpenter. 

Before ending her video, Jules pulls up another screenshot of her Depop page that shows the listing of the dress Carpenter purchased, to confirm. 

@julesberg depop is @jbeescloset 💛 thank you @Depop @Sabrina Carpenter ♬ Espresso by Sabrina Carpenter – 𝓙𝓸𝓱𝓪𝓷 | ☾

After Jules’ video went viral, another creator, Kay (@kaym0neyyy), posted a TikTok in response saying that Depop sellers “must be stopped.” 

To start her video, Kay says that “Depop sellers have lost their mind.”

She then explains how she saw a “video of a girl,” who sold a dress to Sabrina Carpenter, referring to @julesberg. 

Kay says upon seeing the video she thought, “Wow that dress is really cute,” and decided to look more into Jules’ Depop account. “She plugged her Depop shop, so I went to go look,” she says. 

Next, Kay shows a screenshot in her video of a listing on Jules’ shop that reads, “Forever 21 RARE vintage sequin leopard print shorts, identical to charlotte russe! I’m so tempted to keep, price is FIRM.” 

Kay asks, “What do you think these shorts should go for? Considering it’s Forever 21.” According to their website, shorts from Forever 21 currently range for $3 to $20. 

“If you guessed $298, you would be correct,” Kay says while pointing at the listing price on Jules’ Forever 21 shorts. “I could buy the entire Forever 21 store for $298,” Kay adds. 

Kay asks, “How do people have the audacity?”

“I know she’s thrifted these shorts for, probably 5 bucks,” she adds before ending her video, “People have lost their minds.” 


These depop sellers must be stopped

♬ original sound – K mo

Viewers in the comment section agree with Kay saying that Depop sellers overprice their items.

“That’s crazy, I was thinking max 50 bucks,” one says. Another adds, “Literally gonna offer her $5 to humble her lol.”

One admits they sold an item off Depop for “$30, and I was being ridiculous.”

“Depop needs a comment section,” another adds.

The Daily Dot reached out to Jules and Kay via TikTok direct message.

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*First Published: May 14, 2024, 3:01 pm CDT