Customer orders 2 small Blizzards, is shocked when the total is $20

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‘When did DQ become so expensive???’: Customer orders 2 small Blizzards, is shocked when the total is $20

'yes!!! we went a few days ago and said the same thing.'


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Posted on Feb 23, 2024   Updated on Feb 23, 2024, 10:08 pm CST

Back in 2018, you could purchase two small Blizzards from Dairy Queen for less than $10.

Now it’s way more, leaving customers aghast. And on the internet, a woman was floored after discovering and purchasing two small Blizzards for $20. 

TikTok user Hyunji (@hyunibunz) stood in the line at a Dairy Queen recently. While waiting to take her order, she zoomed in on the menu’s Blizzard prices: A mini was $8.99, a small was $9.59, a medium $9.89, and the large was a whopping $10.29. Needless to say, the content creator was baffled. “When did DQ become so expensive???” she wrote in the text overlay. “It was $20 for TWO SMALL BLIZZARDS.”

Then, the camera shifted to her and an acquaintance walking out with their ice cream. In the comments section, Hyunji revealed that this was a Dairy Queen in the Bay Area in a California mall.

The Daily Dot reached out to Hyunji via Instagram direct message and TikTok comment and Dairy Queen via press email. The video garnered 150,000 views, leaving viewers surprised.

“only $1.30 difference between the mini and large is crazy,” one viewer wrote.

“yes!!! we went a few days ago and said the same thing,” a second commented.

However, others noted that prices depended on the location.

“that’s insane. They’re 4.57 for a mini here, and that’s through delivery app so I know it’s cheaper to actually go in and get it,” one user shared.

“$11 for 2 smalls in my part of Missouri,” a second stated.

“It depends on your state too, I live in GA and prices are half that,” a third remarked.

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Indeed, prices do vary depending on location. The reason behind this is “based on the buyer’s geographic location. The difference in price might be based on the shipping cost, the taxes each location charges, or the amount people in the location are willing to pay,” per Investopedia. On the other hand, inflation does play a role in the price increases; within two years, the fast food chain’s prices have jumped 11% because of inflation.

Furthermore, customers from different areas have noticed the price increase, and it has been a popular topic on Reddit. One user couldn’t believe how much a mini cost, writing, “I haven’t been to a DQ in quite awhile and decided to go this evening. I ordered just a mini Reese’s blizzard. The total for it was $5.20, for a MINI! What is the pricing like where you are? (I’m in central NC). I love a good blizzard every now and then but wow….you can buy a gallon for that price.”

So whether you’re on the East or West Coast, you can expect an eyebrow-raising price point at your DQ.

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*First Published: Feb 23, 2024, 10:00 pm CST