DQ customer speaking in car holding small Blizzard with caption 'Attn DQ: wtf???' (l) Dairy Queen building with sign (c) DQ customer speaking in car holding small Blizzard with caption 'Attn DQ: wtf???' (r)

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‘I just got robbed’: Customer calls out Dairy Queen after paying $9 for small Blizzard

‘How are they charging more than a pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream?????’


Phil West


A woman claims that the high price of a small Royal Blizzard at Dairy Queen is bringing her summertime sadness.

TikTok creator @nacholibrelover95 claims that her attempted “hot girl summer” is being ruined by Dairy Queen charging exorbitant prices for their ice cream treats. The video documenting the incident has pulled more than 61,600 views since going up on the site Thursday.

In it, the creator sits in her car, holding a small Blizzard cup that matches the blue of her painted fingernails. She starts, “Excuse me, DQ. What the f*ck are your prices? I just got a small Royal Blizzard. I paid $9 for this! $9!”

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She wondered, “How am I supposed to have a hot girl summer when your Blizzards are costing me $9? For a small.”

She then concludes, “Robbery. I just got robbed.”

Commenters shared her outrage.

One exclaimed, “How are they charging more than a pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream?????”

Someone else marveled, “RIGHT?!?! It’s over $40 to buy ice cream from my family of 4!”

Another shared, “DQ wanted $9 for two small dip cones. I laughed and walked out. Went to McDs and got them for $1 each.”

A different commenter bemoaned, “Blizzards are my fav but not worth the price anymore.”

One customer claimed, “I went there & dinner for 4 was $87!!!! $87?!?! No thanks.”

According to a 2016 Today article coinciding with the Royal Blizzard’s launch, the concoction is a standard Blizzard amped up with “a decadent center of fudge, strawberries or marshmallows paired with three popular flavors.” The “Royal” moniker, according to the article, owed to Britain’s Queen Elizabeth, who turned 90 the month that the Royal Blizzard was first made available to customers.

The Dairy Queen site currently has two varieties of Royal Blizzard listed: a New York Cheesecake flavor and a Ultimate Choco Blizzard flavor.

According to the Fast Food Menu Prices site, as of July 2023, small regular Blizzards were $3.69, with a large retailing for $4.69. The Dessert Menus site notes that the Royal Blizzards range from a mini at $4.89 to a large at $6.69, with a small ringing up for $5.69—decidedly under the $9 the TikToker claimed.

Still, one commenter advised an alternative: “Switched to oreo mcflurry and never looked back,” before adding with a laughing emoji, “but bring your own spoon, they use wood tongue depressors now … got splinters lol.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment and to Dairy Queen via email.

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