Walmart manager from store 2 time zones away reports Walmart worker for social media activity

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‘Target would never’: Walmart manager from store two time zones away reports Walmart worker for social media activity. Here’s why

'He probably spent more time on the computer trying to find you’re store then the amount of time you were on TT'


Melody Heald


Posted on Jan 21, 2024   Updated on Jan 21, 2024, 9:09 pm CST

A Walmart associate revealed how a manager from a store in a different state reported her for doing a TikTok Live on the job. It backfired.

The video featured TikTok user Hannah Gregory (@hannahhgregoryy), who posts content about her job at Walmart. This time, she shared a “story time” of a recent incident that happened to her. When the content creator was at work, she was on TikTok Live. After a couple of hours passed, Gregory’s boss called for her. Why?

“A manager from a store in Wisconsin called my store to tell the manager that I was on TikTok Live,” she shared with her 21,000 followers. She’s located in California. This only confused the content creator. “I do not know what their goal was. Maybe to get me in trouble,” she said.

Regardless of the reason, the associate felt “sorry” for the manager, hoping they “get a life” and find “inner peace.” In addition, she urged the manager to “find a hobby.” Despite this, Gregory didn’t get in trouble for filming on the job. Nevertheless, she still felt angry. “I hope you rot,” she concluded.

In the caption, Gregory believed that “Target would never.”

@hannahhgregoryy Target would never… #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #relatable #trending #viral #walmart #walmartgirl #tiktoklive #fun #hangingout ♬ original sound – Hannah Gregory

The Daily Dot reached out to Gregory via Instagram direct message and TikTok comment and Walmart via media relations form. The video has accumulated over 12,000 views. In the comments, viewers blasted the manager.

“Management always act like they have a stick up there a** smh,” one viewer wrote.

“He probably spent more time on the computer trying to find you’re store then the amount of time you were on TT,” a second remarked.

However, a few viewers asked the content creator how the manager was able to find her. She responded, “There’s an app that all employees have access to. You can search up any employees name & all their info will pop up.”

Moreover, others encouraged Gregory to keep posting content.

“i[‘ve] seen several ppl do live ‘work @ walmart’ or short clips. keep posting!!” one user commented.

“I love seeing you outside work , even when you talk about work lol,” a second stated.

Although Walmart doesn’t have a specific policy regarding recording TikToks on the job, Walmart does have one for filming. “Out of respect for our associates and customers, unauthorized filming is prohibited and we reserve the right to enforce that policy,” per Walmart’s website.

Gregory is one of the few people who didn’t lose their job for doing TikToks at work. A Walmart employee lost her job of 16 years over a TikTok showcasing what she does on a typical work day. A man shared how his job discovered his Secret Santa TikTok and subsequently terminated him. Finally, a woman recently shared she was fired three times over her TikTok.

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*First Published: Jan 21, 2024, 11:00 pm CST