Woman says she was fired for a 3rd time in a year over her TikTok videos

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‘Well, I got fired again’: Woman says she was fired for a 3rd time this year over her TikTok videos

‘We’ve seen your TikTok. And today’s gonna be your last day.’


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A woman took to TikTok to share that she got fired for the third time in a year … and this time, it was for oversharing about that job on TikTok.

The two-part video comes from San Diego-based creator Diane Smith (@dianeesmith), who garnered more than 110,000 views on her first clip shared Friday. Captioned, “I got fired for the 3rd time today,” Smith’s video goes into her use of TikTok and how this firing—after losing two different job roles simultaneously in January—was a result of several videos she made and posted to the platform.

“I would come on here … with my platform,” Smith notes in first video. “I just like tell people everything and just express everything, but I never talked bad about anything. I never talked about about a company, I would never talk bad about any situation or anything like that — just make light of a situation.”

But then, as she narrates, “I get a call today and they’re like, ‘We’ve seen your TikTok. And today’s gonna be your last day.’”

@dianeesmith I got fired for the 3rd time today #fired #layoffs #lostmyjob ♬ original sound – Diane Smith

She went on to explain the rationale behind some of the videos the company questioned, including one where she was having an existential crisis about work in general, implying that the company thought the video was more critical about the particular job she was in.

They were also concerned that she was posting during work hours, even though she claimed to have multiple posts a day set up to publish in the morning, though she also asked, “What am I, back in the restaurant industry where I can’t just like go for four seconds and post something?”

She had to continue her story with a second video.

In the follow-up clip, she asserts, “I would never talk trash about the company on my social media platform. I would never talk trash about anyone. I tell situations that happen and ask if other people are going through it because I feel like my platform is somewhere where I just want to communicate with people.”

She also adds that maybe the firing was “a blessing in disguise,” noting that “recruiting and sales is not my passion.”

@dianeesmith Part 2 i got fired because of tiktok #fired #layoffs #lostmyjob ♬ original sound – Diane Smith

Commenters supported Smith’s right to share videos on TikTok.

“It’s crazy how a business can fire you because of what you post on your personal social media,” one person observed. “We need to fight back! It isn’t right.”

The creator responded, “I completely agree! Especially it’s me just talking about experiences; I never once said the company’s name or anything bad about them.”

Another commenter pointed out, “Getting mad at you displaying actual human emotions? How petty of them! You’re destined for something better!

Smith responded with, “Thank you so much!!! Exactly I just like to talk about experiences and how I’m feeling because I know other people feel the same!!”

One warned, “I keep all my social media private & do not add coworkers. Creating strong boundaries to protect yourself is important. They can fire u for any reason.”

That led the creator to reflect, “Yea I totally agree! Sadly I try to come on here to help people who go through the same thing but instead got fired haha.”

In the comments section of her second video, one viewer questioned whether or not the company had a policy against sharing TikTok videos. “Do they have a written social media policy?” they asked.

Smith responded, “Nope. And I never even said the company name ever once.”

“I’m wondering if they were looking for a reason to fire you?” one person asked. “In 2023, if they’re that sensitive to employees speaking their truth, they’re inept.”

Smith considered that, and said, “I genuinely think you’re right.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Smith via TikTok comment for more information.

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